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These are the Android phones that have adopted the notch so far


The Essential Phone was technically the first mobile to integrate a notch on its screen, or notch, to integrate the front photo camera into a panel without borders. This was followed by the iPhone X, and thus a large number of Android phones who have been adopting the notch in different ways and forms.

Technically you can not say that Android phones are copying the notch of the iPhone X , since it could be said that this was the one that copied it from the Essential Phone, presented several months before, although yes, in a different way.

Android phones with notch what are they?

As we say, you can not blame Android phones for the copy of the iPhone X notch, because the Essential showed the way forward . Another thing is the gestures of the iPhone X that have been coming to mobile with the operating system of Google and that they are clearly inspired in the Apple phone.

These are the Android phones that have adopted the notch so far

Then we will review the list of mobile phones that today have notch on their screen, whatever the form.

As you can see Most mobile phones are Chinese , being those who have adopted the notch with greater fervor, especially since the arrival of the iPhone X. Not in vain we are seeing how many mobiles are adopting both the notch in the form of an eyebrow and the vertical dual camera of the iPhone X.

No doubt the arrival of the notch to Android phones responds to the increasingly common presence of screens without borders, not only on the sides , but also at the top of the screen, which requires to integrate a notch in which to at least put the front photo camera. While in other cases, with a more elongated notch, speakers and other sensors are also integrated. A notch that is no longer exclusive to the high range, but is also present in several mid-range phones, as shown by this list of Android phones with notch that we have seen since the arrival of the iPhone X.