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These are some of the applications you need on your Android, yes or yes

When we are old, small, or even when our terminal is broken, the first thing we think about is what…

When we are old, small, or even when our terminal is broken, the first thing we think about is what will be their substitute, and the truth is that right now that is not an easy decision.
And it is that, neither in the mid-range nor in the high-with the exception of the Google Pixel 2 XL- there is a clear winner regarding its direct competition.

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What is easy is to know what are the applications you need to have on your smartphone, yes or yes, whatever it is, and today at Andro4all we are going to show you precisely what they are, let’s see them!

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro android pure launcher

These are the applications that you must install on your smartphone


We have already told you about Pocket on other occasions, because is one of the best platforms to store content that we have seen, since it serves precisely to save the articles you want from a web and then read them without connection.

Without a doubt, it is a very good resource to be able to read later all those interesting articles that you read of past, but for which you do not have time at the precise moment in which you see them. It has a premium mode, but the truth is that You can access almost all functions with the free version.

In addition, saving content is as simple as clicking the “Share” button in Google Chrome, and then selecting “Add to Pocket.” And so easy, the page you’re on will be saved in Pocket so you can read it offline when you want.

Pocket with Material Design

Pocket | Google Play (Free)

Google Keep

Google Keep seems to us one of the best Google applications that we can download. It is an application of notes that will be synchronized in the cloud with your Google account, so that everything you write in the application, You can see it later on the computer. And this is, without doubt, the most useful.

The design of the application, as you can imagine, follows the rules of Material Design, and within each note there are very interesting options, how to add a specific color to it, add a list with check boxes or be able to attach images or voice notes.


Google Keep | Google Play (Free)

Google Photos

Google Photos is another essential application for your smartphone, since, in addition to serving as a gallery, you can make a backup of all the photographs, so that they remain in the cloud and do not have to worry about passing them to the computer.

Further, use the storage of our Google account, so you will have 15 GB from the beginning. This is a point to take into account for all those who have a mobile with 16 GB or 32 GB of internal storage and have no capacity to increase storage through a microSD card.

Google Photos for Android

Google Photos | Google Play (Free)

Unified Remote

Here we go to an application very interesting if you are one of those who like to watch a movie on the computer from the bed or the armchair, since it is a server that allows you to control the computer from the mobile screen.

And no, we are not referring to making a screen duplicate, but to be able to control the whole computer from the mobile, using the same as a mouse or keyboard, in addition to all the additional buttons you have, such as the off, the volume and virtually everything you can imagine.

It has a paid version that is quite worth it, but, undoubtedly, With the free version we can enjoy the most interesting sections that the application has.

Unified Remote control computer from Android

Unified Remote | Google Play (Free)

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