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These 3 Jimmy Butler trade deals were available to Timberwolves before the deal, reports say

Jimmy Butler's trade inquiry story is finally over . Almost a month into the regular season, with Butler playing several…

Jimmy Butler’s trade inquiry story is finally over . Almost a month into the regular season, with Butler playing several games a week and the Timberwolves fighting for a 4-9 start, they finally pulled the trigger on a trade. Butler is now out to 76ers along with Justin Patton in exchange for Robert Covington, Dario Saric and a second round.

It is a fairly solid trading package for Timberwolves in view of the circumstances, and it gives them two solid young players as they see in the future. Watch how each team in the deal agrees with their new players will be quite interesting.

It is equally interesting to think of some of the trading packages that could have been. We knew about Wolves talking with the heat, and even the reported offer for several first rounds picks from Rockets. However, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, Wolven also had “extensive discussions” with the pelicans and spoke with the wizards. Each of these two teams was unwilling to give up a key guard, so the speakers fell apart. Through ESPN:

Minnesota was trying to desperately collapse trade deals over the past week, including extensive discussions with New Orleans, said league sources. The pelicans are limited to marketable assets, but desperate to find the star to keep Anthony Davis in the long run. The Pelicans would not include Jupe Holiday in his offer, or several draft games, said league sources.

Minnesota went on with a Miami store a few weeks ago that would have included guard Josh Richardson and the heat never returned him to conversation, sources said. Washington would not offer Guard Bradley Beal, sources said.

Other details about offers that never came to effect were reported by Shams Charania. The rockets were looking to move Eric Gordon, Nene and the first two rounds, while the Pelican agreement focused on Nikola Mirotic. Via Athletic:

After Butler played 39 minutes in loss for Clippers who released Wolves to 0-3 on the trip, Wolves’s conversations with the heat about a possible trade. But the heat informs Wolves that Richardson is no longer on the table after his starters early this season, and Wolves goes on.

Minnesota begins to engage seriously with Philadelphia, New Orleans and Houston. New Orleans “package is titled by Nikola Mirotic and an unprotected first round draft and Rocket’s suggestion has Eric Gordon, Nene and two first rounds, says sources. 76ers come up with his suggestion about Robert Covington and Dario Saric, who leave Timberwolves on purpose.

It is not hard to see why any of these teams would participate in trade negotiations. Pelicans and guides desperately need another star, and stars are not often available as Butler’s. In the meantime, the rockets have gone to a terrible start and can use some reinforcements. At the same time, it’s easy to see why these conversations went nowhere.

The Pelicans and the guides need each other a good player, but Holiday or Beal denies the purpose of trade with Butler. These teams try to get more talent, not only to change one of their best players for Butler. And from Wolve’s side, it’s not surprising that they would forward another centered on Gordon or Mirotic. Neither is it all that young or so good. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting to think about the possibility that Butler couple with Anthony Davis in New Orleans. It would have been quite fun.

Owe, we have to pay to watch Butler partner with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, who should be quite entertaining in themselves.

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