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There will be a night mode on Android P with enhanced features


The known as night mode has been something that has not been free of controversy since it first appeared in the Preview of Android 7.1 Nougat. Although it was very welcome by users, Google decided to remove it in the final version of Android 7.0 claiming problems in battery consumption and leaving this function in the hands of third-party developers . Now we know that there will be night mode on Android P , as well as it will have some additions with respect to Android Oreo.

The night mode or “Night Light” in English, is a specific type of color calibration that reduces the presence of blue light, responsible for eye fatigue and associated with certain sleep disorders. Samsung refers to this mode as a blue light filter and its ultimate goal is to ensure the health of our eyes and the quality of our sleep, especially in people who spend many hours in front of their smartphone.

These are the night mode options in Android P

When you have thousands of people reviewing code, in the end you get to discover the last recesses of an application or program. In the case of Android P, now come to light the confirmation of the mode itself, as well as its configuration options, somewhat more complete than the Android 8.0 Oreo.

So far, Android Oreo night mode allowed us choose opacity of it, activate it, deactivate it and program it in a personalized way according to sunlight or at certain hours of the day.

There will be a night mode on Android P with enhanced features

With the night mode on Android P we would have the possibility of turn off said filter for a certain time, as well as tell our smartphone that turn off this mode until dusk, thus advancing the hours of use of the same

It also improves the Custom settings , since now we can configure our smartphone to turn off the night mode in Android P for certain hours but to turn it on after a certain time, which allows us to establish more precise intervals of use.

There will be a night mode on Android P with enhanced features

There will be a night mode on Android P with enhanced features

It is clear that Google wants us to have a much more precise control of our smartphone and our screen, adding new functions that already existed in some applications such as F.lux and making its operating system more and more complete.

As happened with Android Nougat, these additions at the end may not reach the final version of Android P, but being on Android Oreo, the most possible is that they end up becoming a reality.