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Much is being talked about the new mobile Google is developing in the fall. We all remember legendary mobile phones like the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, excellent mid-range phones at a good price, which could return. If the rumors that there will be a Google Pixel mid-range with Snapdragon 710.

This week we have learned new details about the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL , the two models that the Mountain View firm would present, although now we know that one of them would be more oriented to the mid-range.

Google Pixel mid-range? with Snapdragon 710

As you know, Qualcomm’s new processor is the Snapdragon 710 , the new chip that is now the most powerful for the mid-range, above the Snapdragon 660 . Well, Google could be developing, a variant of Google Pixel 3 that should be logically cheaper than that driven by the Snapdragon 845 that will have at least the Pixel XL. Now, this new Google mobile would be completely independent of the Google Pixel 3 that would be presented in the fall.

There will be a mid-range Google Pixel with Snapdragon 710

There will be a mid-range Google Pixel with Snapdragon 710

From the information we have known now, it has been known that this new Google Pixel 3 with Snapdragon 710 it would be presented during the year 2019 . So it seems that the plans for the high-end and the mid-range Google will go separately. Maybe just as Apple launches its high-end iPhone in the fall, we could see this other device introduced during the spring of next year 2019. There is talk of a launch next year, because this information points to the development of this new terminal just started, so it is impossible to come with the new Pixel 3, while the most logical thing is that the launch is postponed until next year, although it is not safe either.

There will be a mid-range Google Pixel with Snapdragon 710

There will be a mid-range Google Pixel with Snapdragon 710

It is evident that the new Pixel with Snapdragon 710 would be cheaper than the current Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL , although it would be necessary to see up to what point. Today it is unthinkable a Pixel of 300 euros, as cost them the Nexus 4 , and most likely we saw it in the market at a price of around 499 or 599 euros. In any case it is good news that there is a Pixel in development with this chip, at least we will have the opportunity to enjoy the ecosystem of Google sure at a lower price that currently, we hope that this information becomes reality.