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The YouTube app adapts its interface to play videos vertically

373 It was an improvement promised by Google more than nine months ago However, it has not been until now…


It was an improvement promised by Google more than nine months ago However, it has not been until now when the YouTube application for Android will adapt automatically to play the videos vertically . An option that will leave behind the annoying lateral black lines that were used until now to visualize the content on the mobile screen.

When you get one vertical photo , its visualization can be done in full screen. A simple turn of the mobile so that the gyroscope or accelerometer act and adapt the format of the photograph to the dimensions of the screen of your mobile. With the recording videos it is not so simple and as a general rule, it is not possible to perform the same action. However, whether for convenience or due to lack of knowledge, there are many users who record videos vertically. A recording whose reproduction brings consequences.

Play videos vertically on YouTube

If we talk about the Play videos vertically through YouTube , the annoying consequence is to see the video in a smaller size, with black bands on the sides so that the video adapts to the player’s interface.

That is about to change after the official YouTube channel on Twitter advances that the Android application will receive a change imminently so that the interface of the app adapts automatically and allows you to play vertical videos optimally.

An announced change that will come imminently

For now, we only have the example in the form of a gif that the company showed at the time, through one of its publications in the official YouTube blog . However, the latest announcement indicates that Android users will soon be able to benefit from this improvement.

Without a doubt, a change or update that will make it easier to pre-produce videos vertically through YouTube. And from now on, the player will change the aspect ratio of it to adapt to the form of the native format of the file. However, for the moment, we have verified that the functionality is not yet active, so we will have to keep waiting.

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