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The Xiaomi 7 will end with the headphone jack

The Xiaomi 7 will end with the headphone jack

Last year, The Xiaomi Mi 6 He managed to conquer us completely. A level terminal, with a great battery, performance, design and portrait mode . This year 2018, the expectations are quite high, and that is the Xiaomi Mi 7 could be one of the best flagships if he follows the path of his brother, the My Mix 2S .

The Xiaomi Mi 7 will come with infarction specifications, but will join an odious fashion that users are suffering . Yes, you know where the shots go, so prepare your Bluetooth headphones if you want to listen to music in the next high-end Xiaomi.

The Xiaomi Mi 7 would come without headphones jack

As we can see in AndroidHeadLines , the Xiaomi Mi 7 would not have a headphone jack , thus joining the fashion initiated by the iPhone, followed by Google, and later by large companies such as Huawei.

Obviously, this will be a negative point for many users, who expected Xiaomi to follow the steps of OnePlus, which will keep the jack at its top of the range. To “compensate” this lack, the Xiaomi Mi 7 will come fully equipped , with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, large amounts of RAM, good internal storage, a 5.7-inch panel with FHD + resolution.

Also, as we can see in the images, The Xiaomi Mi 7 will have a double vertical camera , with the same design of his brother the Mi Mix 2S. In the case of the latter, the camera has improved substantially compared to previous generations , so we can expect a very good photographic section in this Mi 7 – may the same camera-. Definitely, one of the best phones of 2018, considering that it should not cost much more than 500 euros . The loss of the headphone jack is “the natural way” of smartphones, in post of a future without wires.

And you, what do you think about the Xiaomi Mi 7 not having a headphone jack?

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