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The weather channel is turning to fires for its new mixed reality video

October 19, 2018 Science 1 Views What just happened? The weather channel has once again used mixed reality to illustrate…

What just happened? The weather channel has once again used mixed reality to illustrate a natural disaster. After a video showed the dangers of a storm disturbance that can be produced by Hurricane Florence sent last month, the channel has used the same technique to visualize fires.

In the video, presenter Stephanie Abrams is featured on a similar circular platform seen in the storm video. Surrounded by the computer-generated forest and wilderness, Abram’s explains how 80 percent of the fires start from human activity, burglaries or throwing cigarettes that lead to widespread devastation.

“When the climate warms, the danger is just getting worse,” says Abrams. “The wildfire season has become a year long threat, which burns twice the area now than 1


Like with previous videos, the clip was created in collaboration with enhanced reality company Future Group using Unreal Engine Video Game Platform to create real-time graphics.

Abrams made a Facebook post that showed how her part of the video was created by filming the meteorologist against a massive green screen.

The weather channel says that these In-depth hybrid videos can “improve public understanding of weather phenomena and its impact on their daily lives. “

While the video is undoubtedly scary, they can help viewers better understand the dangers associated with these disasters compared to traditional methods. And with so many inclinations to share the impressive cliff among family and friends, they can educate more people about what to do if natural disasters strike.

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