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“The Walking Deads Michael Cudlitz reveals how Abraham would have treated the Negro

The star Michael Cudlitz (19459004) had thought that his Abraham and lover Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) hit side by side in…

The star Michael Cudlitz (19459004) had thought that his Abraham and lover Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) hit side by side in the war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Savior – saying that the Army Secretary should have sat a bullet in the roar’s forehead.

Asked at the Fan Expo Vancouver how Abraham would have handled the Negan if he had survived beyond his first meeting in the two-season season six final and the seven-open season, Cudlitz acknowledged that it was “hard to play” what about “games.”

“What if Abraham would have opened on [Saviors] on the road and killed the guys in the first road? What if Rick was not such a punk [laughs] … maybe he listened to Carl when Carl said we would kill everyone. There were many mistakes made, said Cudlitz.

“I do not know what he would have done because I find it hard to reconcile what they had him.”

Abraham was eventually bludgeoned to death with Negans barbwire-wrapped-baseball bat Lucille moments before the same fate were Glenn (Steven Yeun), spouse of Maggie (Lauren Cohan).

In season nine Maggie collapsed with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) over his unilateral decision to save and imprison the unsuccessful savior leader, only the reconciliation with Rick’s choice after refusing to perform a crying and accusing Negan in 904 &#821

1; instead, forcing him to continue serving his pitiful existence in loneliness.

“I think he should have been at that time was more like Maggie wherever he was, okay, because if he had not killed me he would have killed someone else, explained Cudlitz. “It would have been so good, now we’ve seen what your plan did, now we’re going to do something else.”

Had Abraham survived the first meeting with Negan in clearing, Cudlitz said that he would have loved to have seen Abraham and Sasha actually be soldiers together for a little bit. I wanted to see what would have happened to it. “[19659009] “You can not really do the” what about “game.” What if Shane still lived? If Merle was still alive? What if Shane, Merle and Abraham still lived together? “Okay, there would be no savior. It’s pretty cool, but that’s not what we’re dealing with,” he added.

“We are dealing with people who develop at different rates and choose different choices in their lives. It’s very much a social experiment about what people do. At various points of your life you want to fight or be reconciled, and you can only play the hand you’re shopping. “

Abraham would have taken a more powerful approach when he opposed the Negan and the Savior compiled in the eight opener of the season, where Rick and allies opened fire on the holy windows – a trick to attract a nearby flock hikers against the base and trap the savior inside.

“My favorite thing is like,” Okay, we “try to kill Negan for a year and a half, we take him to the balcony with about 50 weapons pointing to him and we decide to push the windows.” Okay . What really? “Cudlitz said, before he was so seriously acknowledged,” it was thief. “

” He is out on the balcony and everyone suddenly looks like they took A-Team weapon education. “I joked.” I had found him. “19659002] The first time the director returned to The Walking Dead in Season Nine, half episode 907,” Stradivarius. “

” It was a big deal in the sense that it was a big deal for them and a great opportunity for me because I had not targeted anything ever before, “said Cudlitz.” So for them to take that chance, it was really a glory, and it came out well. “

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