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The Walking Dead showrunner about Jesus and Aaron is a couple

SPOILER ALERT: Read if you've already watched the Sunday Stradivarius episode of The Walking Dead. So many questions !!! That's…

SPOILER ALERT: Read if you’ve already watched the Sunday Stradivarius episode of The Walking Dead.

So many questions !!! That’s what most Walking Dead fans probably thought of Sunday’s “Stradivarius” episode. We learned that Rick’s disappearance had led Daryl to live on his own, but considered the mysterious X-ares on Daryl’s back that matched Michon’s. We found out that Maggie had left the hill to join Georgie to help with another new group, but now had to wonder why she and Michonne had been in some form of cross-community fraud. We saw that Jesus and Aaron had secret meetings, but wait … was it a romantic element for these meetings?

So many questions! Therefore, we took these questions to showrunner Angela Kang to get her professional insight into all this and more, including a look forward in next week’s midseason premiere. (Read through both sides for the whole interview.)

Weekly Entertainment: First of all, we came to the most important, just outside the bat: Daryl has a dog! Norman has been telling six years that he wanted a dog on the show, so tell me how he finally got his wish.
ANGELA KANG : When I started the show in season 2 I was also Team Daryl should have a dog. It’s this type that has been hit for a long time, and it never happened. And to be honest, a dog had become quite fast during some seasons as they were inside.

So we talked about how can we show the state that Daryl is in? And I thought it would be good for him to be away for a while after Rick’s supposed death. Daryl just left. And Daryl is someone who chases and walks and does things, and it seemed like a dog is a good companion. It shows that there is still a wish that he will connect in some way. And then his dog is faithful companion. In my mind there is also a story behind what the dog came from. And that’s how we ended up with a dog.

And Norman wanted to help choose what kind of dog, so he continued to text me pictures of adorable dogs for weeks. And the two dogs that play the dog are big. The main dog, his name is seven, and he is just so adorable and such a big dog. So it’s great fun to see Norman work with the field at last.

Oh my God. You simply bumped me out when you said, “Yes, but you know if we gave him a dog some time ago, I’m sure it would have died sometime.” And I’m like, “Oh my God. This dog is going to die!” You’re just setting Daryl to love this dog, and then something will be terrible to happen.
Oh my gosh. I do not know if I have the heart to kill the dog, man.

See, you can kill who you want. Do not touch the dog! But sticking with Daryl, it seems that he has had difficulty closing after losing Rick. What happens to him who is looking for his mate and then just kind of staying away from himself? I do not know if there is a grid in the apocalypse, but if there is, he has lived with it.
He has definitely lived online. I think after Rick’s gone, he’s just immediately like, “Okay, what will I jump into next?” After that grief. And I think he would have kept looking for something for it to be closing, for himself, but also for Michonne, who is a great friend and was his brother’s love in the apocalypse.

When it did not “It resulted in something, he just became the only wolf he was always kind of because he would be. He always goes around saying,” I’m better myself. “There are times when he wants to want to run away from the group, and he did it at last. I think he used to spend time on trade between the communities. He kept something in touch. Of course, Carol knows how he is. But the contact became smaller and smaller and over time. And it just felt very true for what Daryl is, but also where his main space is on. For what should he go back to? He does not really want to be a bureaucratic leader of a society. He lost his brother, and in some way he lost His way when it happened. So that’s the kind of starting point for him. And then we’ll see what I hope is an interesting bow for him during the season that Carol comes and pulls him back in the week something. [19659004] Talk about people who do not want to be leaders, we get our first roll on the hill and Jesus is running it since Maggie is off with Georgia to help with a new society. This is interesting because Jesus is a guy in both series and TV shows that would never lead, and you really explore this, right?
There are some signs, even though they show leadership in some situations, the idea of ​​being behind a desk or making sure the food is right and the things are distributed and this and that, it’s just not who they are. And I think Jesus, like the person who was right-handed to Maggie and someone who was there on the Hilltop from the beginning, is one that the people should obviously look for.

And yet, it’s something he’s having trouble with being the guy who likes to be out on the horse or run around the landscape. He was the recruiter. Just as Daryl and Aaron used to go out, Jesus likes to be out there in the world. He likes to scavenge. He likes to find new things and new places and new people. And then he is in a place where he is struggling with it.

And in some ways, Tara really takes some of the responsibilities that maybe Jesus should be responsible for. So he is kind of in this odd place. Even early, Maggie was nice: “Why do not you lead this place instead of Gregory?” He’s just like “It’s not me”. And it’s really the character we’ve seen all the time. And then we would play it out.

How excited was Tom Payne for the man bun?
I think he was quite excited. And I have to say that he rocked it quite well. It looks good at him.

When you talk about Jesus, you put him and Aaron together at these secret meetings that they have. Serie players know they will be a couple of there. Do you start setting this up?
I can not talk to the future for it. What we thought was true is that these are two people who have much in common and certainly had very similar philosophies. They were respective recruits for their communities. And then it seemed as though there was a natural friendship to be there.

We began, Alexandria and Hilltop had some kind of freezing between them. They have not had much contact. It is clear only a little beef that happened there. And just the thought that there are at least some people who are … they are almost like performing secret diplomatic missions with each other. But there is a friendship there. They like eachother. But it really is based on who they are as characters, people who want to maintain connections, because they are the people who falsify these connections in the first place. (Interview continues on the next page.)

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