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The video that confirms that the OnePlus 6 is one more copy of the iPhone X


It seems that OnePlus has done it again. Millions of fans of the brand have already criticized in the past, specifically knowing the design of the OnePlus 5 , as their phones do not stop being a copy of Apple’s smartphones. We already warned in his day that OnePlus 6 would be a clone of this year’s range buffers and now it is confirmed that it is a copy of the iPhone X .

The launch of the device is scheduled for this coming May 16, but before we know all the official details of the device, the guys from CompareRaja have released their usual video where a render of the terminal to appreciate its design from all angles. It is a YouTube channel that is always successful in designing the next smartphones that will reach the market, so it is more than possible that this is how the OnePlus 6 next week.

The renders show that in the back, there is a configuration of double camera in the top center, perhaps the only thing that is not a copy of the iPhone X so literal, but also have the sensors stacked vertically. Beneath the camera sensors, there is an LED flash and a fingerprint sensor. Under all these modules, there is a logo of OnePlus . The front is the iPhone X , without further ado, a copy of Apple’s smartphone.

OnePlus and Apple

It is not something that does not surprise either. Since Apple copied the design of the Essential Phone and its famous notch on screen , dozens of Chinese phones have copied the design of the iPhone X . OnePlus, as we said at the beginning of this article, has always been inspired by the American firm to give life to its new mobile phones, but for a time now they have gone from “inspiring”, to “cloning” directly a large part of the characteristics of the top of the Cupertino range.

The video that confirms that the OnePlus 6 is one more copy of the iPhone X

Other brands have also been inspired by apple when it comes to developing their new terminals but at least they have obvious improvements such as the triple camera sensor in the Huawei P20 Pro ( and that now wants to copy Apple ) waves Artificial Intelligence functions of the LG G7 ThinQ .

Perhaps the only thing that saves the Chinese firm from the compendium of criticism that lies ahead is the OnePlus 6 price , but the rumors that have been appearing on the Internet seem to point to a rise in the price of the mobile phone that would end forever with the brand’s “flagship killer” concept.