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The verdict of iFixit, in video: the LG G7 is complicated to repair


It may not be useful for the vast majority of users, but the iFixit smartphone repair guides They are a reference for those little hands who want to save some good money without going through the workshop. In the same way, video tutorials They do not stop being very curious since they show us the entrails of the main models of the market. In the case of LG G7 , the opinion of iFixit is clear: the model is complicated to repair. Look at the score they give you.

As we have already indicated, the ” teardown “From iFixit are really revealing. They are because they are illustrative to carry out a repair of a smartphone by oneself, but also because they allow us to see from a very different perspective the hardware of the models marketed by the manufacturers. In fact, sometimes they serve to bring to light innovations, techniques and other aspects that otherwise are not possible.

Exploded view of the LG G7, video

Once again, iFixit goes to work to show us in a very visual way the hardware of one of the high-end models of the moment, the LG G7 . As you can see in the integrated video below, the cutting begins with the application of a strong jet of hot air to detach the adhesive that holds the case attached to the smartphone’s chassis.

This is a constant in models of this type, especially in those that look crystal case , How is the case. This is where the first complication comes from, since it is a delicate process before the possibility of damage the glass when trying to separate it from the chassis.

Once inside, the base plate integrates the different components without too much internal wiring. The truth is that LG plays well with the modularity of circuits and elements such as the camera, as well as key pieces in the most common repairs such as USB-C connection or internal speaker.

The verdict of iFixit, in video: the LG G7 is complicated to repair

Score of 4 out of 10

However, iFixit makes a vital comment throughout the Exploded view of the LG G7 , and they miss the great work internally of previous generations like the LG G5. We must remember that it was characterized by being modular, with removable battery and the possibility of integrating other accessories through this type of connection to the battery.

Finally, the score awarded by iFixit to the LG G7 allows us to verify that the level of difficulty for their repair is high given that they award a 4 out of 10, far from the 8 achieved by the LG G5.