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The US military performs “extraordinary” flights across Ukraine in response to Russia's “alarming attack”

The US military flew an "extraordinary" Open Skies Treaty flight across Ukraine on Thursday due to Russia's "alarming attack" on…

The US military flew an “extraordinary” Open Skies Treaty flight across Ukraine on Thursday due to Russia’s “alarming attack” on allied Ukrainian forces at the end of last month in the Black Sea near the Kerch stretch.

Managing is the first flight of its kind over Ukraine since 2014, when Russian forces attached the Crimea, according to Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesman.

“The timing of this flight is intended to confirm US involvement in Ukraine and other partner nations,” a Pentagon statement said. “Russia’s unconfirmed attack on Ukrainian naval shipping in the Black Sea near the Kerch stretch is a dangerous escalation in a pattern of increasingly provocative and threatening activities.”

Flight from Open Skies was requested by top Ukrainian Defense Managers, said Pahon and It came after Pentagon officials announced that they intended to sail a warship in the Black Sea in the next few days to extend support to Ukraine after 24 ships and three of its vessels had been caught by Russia.

The Open Skies flight also took place one day after a US Navy-controlled missile destroyer sailed in water that Russia demanded this week near the port of Vladivostok, home to Russia’s Pacific Ocean. It was the first tour of the US Navy in Russia’s controversial waters since 1

987, when George H.W. Bush was vice president and Russia and the United States agreed on an interim nuclear treaty – a covenant currently under threat due to alleged Russian violations.

A Ukrainian serviceman boarded a coastguard vessel in Azov’s port in Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, on December 3. The Ukrainian military has been on increased preparedness as part of the war that was introduced in the country in the wake of the November 25 event in the Azores sea, where the Russian Coast Guard dismissed and seized three Ukrainian navy vessels together with their crews.

This week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the NATO headquarters in Brussels to announce the Trump administration’s plans to leave the 60-day treaty if Russia does not return to compliance. The transaction prohibits the deployment of land-based cruise missiles with a range of 310-3,420 miles.

The Open Skiing Treaty was established in 1992 to allow unattended flight observation flights across its 34 signatories territory to gather information about military forces and activities. The signatures include the United States and Russia.

“Open Skies is one of the world’s most comprehensive international weapons management efforts to promote openness and transparency in military forces and activities,” said the State Department.

A US Air Force OC-135 reconnaissance plan flew across Ukraine on Thursday with 25 US military personnel – as well as Canadian, German, French, British, Romanian and Ukrainian officials – on board, according to Pahon.

Among the Americans crew members, eight were the staff for defense defenses of the defense agency. Seventeen crew members came from the 55th flight from the Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska.

The US Reconnaissance Plan left Andrews Air Force Base on 30 November for the mission, said Pahon.

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