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The United States requires the release of young Americans caught in China before the G20

Victor and Cynthia Liu, 19 and 27, and their mother, Sandra Han, are believed to have been refused permission by…

Victor and Cynthia Liu, 19 and 27, and their mother, Sandra Han, are believed to have been refused permission by Beijing authorities to leave China, where they were held since June.

The US authorities told CNN that they are working near the two Liu children who are allegedly used to push their father, Liu Changming, a high-profile Chinese refugee, to return to Beijing, where he wanted economic crime. [19659002] On Tuesday, US security adviser John Bolton became the most highly-rated American figure to comment on the case, with a post on Twitter that declared: “These Americans have to get home.”

Although Victor Liu was born in the United States and both Liu children have a US passport, Beijing sees them as citizens in China and falls within its jurisdiction. China has accused the Liu family of being “involved in economic crime”.

According to the New York Times, who first reported the story on Sunday, Victor Liu began his second year at Georgetown University in Washington before their trip to China while his sister Cynthia had a job lined up in New York.

 Cynthia Liu reportedly had a job for her in New York when she went to China in June.

Their mother, Sandra Han, was detained shortly after her children’s arrival in June. When the siblings arrived at the airport, they were told by the authorities that they could not leave. Their current location in China is unclear.

Their father, Liu Changming, is accused of Beijing for issuing billions of dollars in illegal loans before escaping the country in December 2007. In 2009, China issued an international Interpol Red Message for his arrest and appeared on a list of China’s 100 Top Refugees in 2015 .

In a statement to CNN, Liu Family Lawyer, Washington-based David Pressmanhe said, “For concern about the safety of these young Americans, we will abstain from public commentary as we continue our efforts to constructively and directly engage the Chinese government to allow them to return home. “

The controversy comes before US President Donald Trump’s planned meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Argentina this week where the two leaders will discuss a possible end of the US-US trade war. and China.

Representatives of the Liu family are hopeful. Trump will raise his case with Xi. The US Department of State told CNN that they were in “close contact” with Victor and Cynthia Liu and provided consular assistance as needed.

“We have routinely shared our concern about China’s use of a ban on US citizens with the Chinese government and will continue to do so until we see a transparent and fair process,” said the official.

China has a long history of imposing a ban on expulsion against individuals in an attempt to force suspected offenders to abandon or resolve business disputes.

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In January, the US Department issued a travel warning to US citizens and noted how foreign citizens had “been arrested or arrested for reasons relating to” state security “.”

Georgetown University President John DeGioia met Liu in Beijing earlier this month. In a statement to CNN, the university said it cooperated with representatives in Beijing on behalf of its student.

At a press conference on Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that all members of the Liu family had “valid Chinese citizenship identity documents” and were subject to Chinese laws.

“They are suspected and involved in financial crime and limited from leaving the country by law. I want to repeat that China is a legal country. Treat the case by law,” he told reporters.

The Chinese government does not recognize citizenship of citizens instead of all Chinese Chinese and their children being Chinese citizens.

Since the two young Americans arrived in June, they have tried to leave three times. The two claim that their father broke ties to the family in 2012, according to the New York Times.

CNN’s Steven Jiang contributed to this article.

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