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The United States issues new sanctions for the destruction of oil transport to Syria

T Trump administration sanctioned nine new companies as part of a breakdown of an oil smuggling network that the US…

T Trump administration sanctioned nine new companies as part of a breakdown of an oil smuggling network that the US government claims to support the Syrian government and the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas.

“Today we are dealing with a complex program Iran and Russia have used to strengthen the Assad regime and generate funds for Iranian malignant activity,” said Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin in a statement.

Tuesday’s sanctions are the latest sign of increasing tensions between the United States, Iran and Russia.

According to the Ministry of Finance’s announcement of sanctions, the Iranian regime and Russian companies work together to give millions of acids of oil to the regime the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, sanctioned by the United States for violent attacks against civilians, including the use of chemical weapons during the ongoing civil war in the country. An administrative release said the Syrian government paid the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps, another sanctioned entity, hundreds of millions of dollars for these energy consignments.

The trumpet administration also claims that two Russian companies, the Russian state-owned company Promsyrio import and the Russian-based Global Vision Group, assisted illegal transactions with the United States sanctioned by Syrian authorities. Therefore, the Treasury’s foreign asset control office sanctioned companies and individuals as well as another Russian business, Mir Business Bank, with ties to them.

The United States also sanctioned two executives of the Iranian Central Bank, an Iranian medical and pharmaceutical company, a chief executive of Promsyrio Import, a Hizbullah official and a Syrian citizen who heads Global Vision Group.

In addition to Tuesday’s sanctions, the State Department issued advice to shipping companies, warns them to transport oil to Syria or risks their property and money seized if they are held by financial institutions that comply with US sanctions laws.

“The United States will aggressively try to impose sanctions on any party involved in transporting oil to Syria or trying to avoid our sanctions against Iranian oils,” says Sigal Mandelker, Finance Minister’s Deputy Terrorist and Financial Intelligence. . “Shipping companies, insurance companies, ship owners, managers and operators should all be aware of the serious consequences of engaging in a criminal offense involving Iranian oil transport.”

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