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The United States attacked Russia's Syrian base with drones, the Ministry of Defense's claims – Syria

Russia's Deputy Defense Minister on Thursday accused the US of coordinating a drone attack against Russia's Khmeimim Airbase in Syria…

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister on Thursday accused the US of coordinating a drone attack against Russia’s Khmeimim Airbase in Syria in January 2018.

“Thirteen drones moved after a single combat dispute deployed by a single crew. Throughout this time, the American Poseidon-8 mapping patrol patrol the Mediterranean for eight hours,” Alexander Fomin told Beijing Xiangshan Forum on Security, according to the Russian state TASS news agency.

The minister noted that the drones switched to manual guidance when they encountered Russia’s counter-countermeasures, indicating that they were not controlled by Syrian forces but a “technologically advanced country with access to such tools, they can not be done in the Syrian desert, “Fomin was quoted as saying.

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Fomin noted that the drones were not controlled by any “kind of peasant but a real Poseidon-8 with modern equipment. It went manually . “

The Kremlin said on Thursday that it was very concerned about the report by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he could not rule out President Vladimir Putin’s claim to the alleged drone attack with US President Donald Trump. The two leaders are expected to meet in Paris on November 11th.

This was the first time Russia has openly accused the United States of being involved in the accident since the January attack.

Immediately after the incident, the Russian Defense Department showed a pair of drones allegedly caught after the attack on the Khmeimim base and said the attack required to show that it was carried out by third parties.

Following the attack in January, Putin said that Moscow knows who helped attack the Russian bases, but he did not identify the land allegedly involved and said only that it was not Turkey. Putin said the drones looked primitive but contained high-tech elements that enabled precision satellite guidance and release of ammunition.

He added that they are behind the attack aimed at countering the Russia-Turkey-Iran Agreement on de-escalation zones. These were provocations aimed at contravening previous agreements, Putin said.

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