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The United States Appeals Court does not immediately allow Trump asylum prohibitions

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By Associated Press


1; A split US Supreme Court late Friday refused to immediately allow the Trump Administration to enforce a ban on asylum for immigrants as illegal crossing the border between the US and Mexico.

The ban violates an existing American law and an attempt to end the congress, a panel in the 9th US War Tribunal in a 2-1 decision.

“Just as we may not, as we often recall,” legislate from the bench, “neither the executive director of the oval office,” wrote 9th warlord Jay Bybee, a nominal republican president George W. Bush, for the majority.

A spokesman for the US Department of Justice, Steven Stafford, had no comment. However, he referred to a previous statement calling the asylum system and said that the department looked forward to “continuing to defend the executive branch’s legitimate and well-founded exercise of its authority to deal with the crisis at our southern border.”

That question is President Donald Trump’s November 9 proclamation that prevented anyone crossing the US-Mexico border between the official ports to seek asylum. Trump issued the proclamation in response to caravans of immigrants approaching the border.

A judge in the district court temporarily blocked the ban and later refused to immediately restore it. The administration appealed to the 9th Circle for Immediate Stay of Judge Jon Tigar’s 19-year Temporary Punishment Order.

In an unequivocal opinion on Friday, 9th War Counselor Edward Leavy said the administration “adopted legal methods to cope with the current problems at the southern border.” Nothing in the law prevented the majority from preventing a rule that categorically impedes the eligibility of asylum on the basis of how a person entered the country, said Leavy, a nominee for Republican President Ronald Reagan.

In November 19th, Tigar was ruled with legal groups claiming that federal law is clear that immigrants in the United States can apply for asylum, regardless of whether they came legal.

The president “may not write about immigration laws to impose a condition expressly prohibited by the congress,” the judge said in order.

The court led to an unusual public dispute between Trump and Chief Justice John Roberts after Trump rejected Tigar – a nominee of Trump’s predecessor – as an “Obama judge”.

Roberts responded with a statement that the federal court did not have “Obama Judge or Trump Judge, Bush Judge or Clinton Judge.”

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