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The union reaches the Marriott, ending strike in Boston

BOSTON (CNN) – After 46 days and 1500 hotel workers out on the picket line, the Marriott strike is finally…

BOSTON (CNN) – After 46 days and 1500 hotel workers out on the picket line, the Marriott strike is finally over.

“It’s been like hell but I’ve been strong and I’m strong and I did not want to give up,” says Tom Ivory, who works at the Westin Hotel.

Members of Local 26 learned about the preliminary deal Friday Evening.

And on Saturday, union members voted 677 to 9 to ratify the new contract in four and a half years with the 7 Marriott hotels in Boston.

“There was some doubt but I knew if we just stayed together, we would achieve something that would be of benefit to all of us, “said Brian Lang, CEO of Unite HERE Local 26.

” Marriott has really been intensified at the end of the day and, together with our unions, has now set a new standard for hotel workers. “

Union president Brian Lang says that the contract, which ultimately concerns 5,000 workers, includes elevations, maternity leave paid, paternity paternity, increased retirement and protection for women.

“It’s the best contract we’ve ever seen, I think it’s the best contract ever seen by the city, so let’s go and celebrate our profits,” said Courtney Leonard, who works at the Westin Waterfront.

A Marriott spokesman says workers who include housekeepers, cooks, bartenders and dishwashers will be back to work early next week and that “we are looking forward to welcoming our employees back to work”

“We are struggling for something good today for the country for this city and state, “says Marvin Martin, who works at the Ritz Carlton.

Gerry Tejeda, who also works at Ritz Carlton, said,” Just living and working in the city they love, Boston, BOSTON STRONG WOAH! “[1


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