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The Trump plan would force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico because the cases are being treated, a major violation of current policy

Nick Miroff Reports dealing with immigration, drug trafficking and national security Joshua Partlow Correspondent focusing on Mexico, Central America and other parts of Latin America November 21st. 19659004] Central Americans arriving at US border crossings seeking asylum in the US will have to wait in Mexico while their claims are being treated with new actions that the Trump Administration is preparing to implement in accordance with internal planning documents and three hometown departments officials familiar with the initiative . According to the DHS memorandum received by The Washington Post on Wednesday, US asylum seekers who can not establish a "fair fear" for persecution in Mexico can not be allowed to enter the United States and should turn around at the border. The plan, called "Remain in Mexico", represents a major break with the current screening procedure, which generally allows those who fear fearing returning to their homelands to avoid immediate expulsion and remain in the United States until they can be heard an immigration judge. Trump despises this system, which he calls "capture and release", and has promised to terminate it. Among thousands of American migrants traveling by caravan in Mexico, many hope that they apply for asylum because of threats to gang violence or other persecution in their homelands. They had expected to stay in the United States while their allegations moved through the immigration court. The new rules would interfere with these plans and hopes from other Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States each year. [Trump…

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