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The Tribez, a game of village management where economy is key


A town needs a new boss, and the best person that exists to direct the designs of this town is you. Yes, as you read. You must increase the population adequately at the same time you go overcoming different challenges so that the sustainability between resources and inhabitants is adequate. This is what you have to do in the game The Tribez .

Therefore, we are facing a development of pure and simple management, where the key to success is to be very clear about the objectives you have and know manage resources existing for it. The case is that you must take the necessary steps so that the tribe you are now directing (set in an environment that remembers, and very much, the pre-Columbian Americas), get to be as powerful as possible … always without going hungry and without the lack of space to grow.

The Tribez, a game of village management where economy is key

There are different materials that are basic in the game, such as the food and wood (as well as gold and gems, elements that are important when moving faster and buy what you lack for construction). The case, is that as in the different games of this type that exist for Android, everything is a matter of organizing in the best possible way to produce what is necessary to increase the possibilities of construction , that bring with them different technological advances.

The user interface, where everything is available using the touch screen, is well structured (a good touch is that a button lies, it is possible to clean it completely). In addition, The Tribez is translated , so in a very short time you understand how everything works in the game. Apart from the evolution of the town itself, there are Particular objectives that allow you to increase your level. This, by the way, has positive effects, such as being able to be part of clans where you interact with other players and, even, being able to launch yourself to navigate and discover what is beyond the sea.

The Tribez, a game of village management where economy is key

The Tribez, a game of village management where economy is key

In what concerns the technical section, the graphics are not particularly demanding, which is positive in terms of compatibility as we have already seen devices with four cores The Tribez works quite well . The art is quite striking, since the creations are nice. In what has to do with the sound, at first this calls attention, but then it becomes something repetitive (and, since the sound notices are not translated, the normal thing is that you end up listening to music while you play).

Play to The Tribez

To be advanced you must have a high dose of patience, since the time to be used is quite high because the constructions take time to complete, as well as the plantations bear fruit. Of course, it is vital to have a good work structure since, if you exceed the time to advance in population and are not consistent with the source of food, it is very possible that the town becomes unsustainable – and, therefore, you have to start from scratch. This makes it ideal to include an initial assistant in The Tribez that allows you to know your ins and outs step by step and in a simple way.

The operation is simple, since everything is done by clicking on the screen, and surprisingly, the access menus are very well structured , so that going from one to another is fast – and, this, makes actions take place very quickly. By the way, it is important to mention that there are ads in The Tribez, which can be seen to get rewards, something is something.

The experience that we have obtained when playing, is quite good as long as you like the developments in which management is the essential element. The Tribez is a title that needs to be patience and time , so this must be taken into account … But it can also be considered as casual, since in a quick review at the time of seeing what needs to be done in the town, it is possible to be up to date (and, this is achieved in just five minutes). The case, is that we have liked without that, that part something disruptive with other titles in its market segment.

How to get the The Tribez application

This game can be downloaded without any cost from the stores Galaxy Apps from Samsung and, also, in Play Store of Google. It includes purchases inside, so this is a detail that must be taken into consideration. But, the truth is that for lovers of resource management developments this is a option that should be tested since it offers everything that is always looked for in a title of this type.

The Tribez, a game of village management where economy is key

The Tribez, a game of village management where economy is key

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