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The teacher busted for the Blackface & Napoleon Dynamite & # 39; suit

NAACP officials in Iowa urge district administrators to fire a primary school teacher photographed in blackface at a Halloween party.…

NAACP officials in Iowa urge district administrators to fire a primary school teacher photographed in blackface at a Halloween party.

Megan Luloff, a first class teacher at Walcott Elementary, was photographed late on Friday at a Walcott American Legion party as part of a group of people dressed as characters from the 2004 movie “Napoleon Dynamite” reporting the Quad City Times.

Luloff, who is white, portrayed Lafawnduh, who played the role of Chicken Dynamite’s wife.

Betty Andrews, president of Iowa-Nebraska NAACP Conference of Branches, said she was shocked when her organization received a copy of the photo.

“19659002” I had to check my calendar and my place to know that this happened in 201

8, Andrews told the post during an interview Thursday. “It was equally worrying that this is a teacher that will provide a safe and fair environment for all students.”

Someone in Luloff’s group should also have realized her “serious decay in them” and said something to the teacher, Sade Andrews.

“It’s unbelievable that she was with a group of people who did not say,” Hi, this is a problem, “Andrews said.” It was clear that someone thought it was offensive because that’s why we first got The image. “

Luloff should now be prevented from returning to the classroom, Andrews said.

” I think she should be fired, “she said.” Being a teacher is a serious decline in her and her presence in one classroom can harm all students she learns, especially African American students. “

Andrews continued:” I would definitely not want her to teach my children. This makes me wonder what’s in the water, so to speak. What do we learn in Davenport for this woman to think that this would be good? “

District spokesman Dawn Saul told the Post that two complaints had been received in connection with the photo. Saul could not indicate if Luloff taught in school on Thursday.

” The blackface dress is never appropriate under any circumstance by any person ” said the superintendent Art Tate in an email to the Quad City Times. “The question is under investigation of the district.”

Luloff, whose photo no longer appeared on the school’s website from Thursday, did not respond to a message that sought comment.

The Davenport School District is under government supervision because a disproportionate number of minority students have been identified for special education programs and subjected to disciplinary action, according to the Quad City Times.

“The district recently recently received awareness of these images of a district worker at a non-school related event, and an internal investigation is currently ongoing, “district officials said in a statement.” S The tyranny does not condemn the insensitivity that these pictures show and are very disappointed. This is now linked to our school community. “

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