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The tags for WhatsApp arrive. What are they for?


Today we have risen with an interesting novelty that is about to reach the messaging application par excellence. And this time it is not a rumor or a hidden code in the beta since the information on the f WhatsApp tags we find it in the question and answer site of the platform’s website.

The FAQ on WhatsApp tags is not yet published, but as we read in WABetaInfo , is ready to appear between the conditions of use of the application. In this way we discovered a new service tool that does not require external applications to add secret functions to WhatsApp .

What are the WhatsApp tags for?

To explain the operation of the WhatsApp tags we can look like the thumbtacks that can already be used in the app and that allow set up to 3 conversations at the beginning of the chat window. The labels will allow to do something similar, but affecting both individual chats, groups, and messages.

The tags for WhatsApp arrive. What are they for?

The filtered section of the WhatsApp FAQ It reveals how this function will allow to quickly locate highlighted messages in the application, either from individual conversations or from group chats. The labels for Whatsapp they are inserted maintaining a long press on a message in the same way that we now do it to erase, copy or respond to it; and assigning a label of a color that the user can choose. Up to 20 outstanding messages can be marked using this system.

You can access a label management window from the top of the chats, where all the information of the conversations is hosted. In this new screen you will be able to see at once all the messages highlighted with tags, being able to locate the chat where they are, change the color of the tags, remove them or copy the text of the messages, among other functions that we still have to know more about. close.

The order of appearance of the WhatsApp tags in this window it is chronological. The most recent labels will always be shown, even if they are from different conversations.

At the moment we are waiting to know when this new function will arrive to the instant messaging application but, since the explanation text of this new function is already ready, it is expected that the WhatsApp tags Make an appearance on the platform in the next update for iOS and Android of the application.