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The Spring Festival arrives to Pokémon GO: more advantages in egg hatching

332 Niantic launches a new event to animate Pokémon GO. The arrival of the summer season is the reason why,…


Niantic launches a new event to animate Pokémon GO. The arrival of the summer season is the reason why, starting tomorrow, the Pokémon GO Spring Festival will begin. For approximately two weeks, the coaches will be able to take advantage of the advantages that the company has prepared and that will mainly affect the way in which the eggs hatch.

The augmented reality game par excellence to date wants to encourage its players to go out and kick the streets and achieve more and more Pokémon. This is what the developer has indicated in her official blog, in which she details that the Pokémon GO Spring Festival starts tomorrow. An event that will be active from 18:00 Spanish hours from March 22 until April 2. Twelve days during which the coaches will have additional help in the game that we will detail.

Pokémon Spring Festival GO

For the second consecutive year, Niantic will celebrate the arrival of spring with a special event in Pokémon GO. And is that from tomorrow same, increases the variety and the possibility that from the hatching of eggs two kilometers out Pokémon appear creatures own eggs of five and 10 kilometers. The company targets creatures such as Wynauts and Ralts.

In the same way, the hatching of these two-kilometer eggs will be significantly accelerated for certain Pokémon such as Pichu and Togepi.

More Candies and Star Powders

The Pokémon GO Spring Festival not only brings greater productivity to the incubators. Also, the player will receive with the hatching of eggs more Caramels, so that we can make the Pokémon even stronger. On the other hand, until the 2nd of April the amount of Star Powders is also doubled

Finally, Niantic will add special packs such as Superincubadoras and Star Pieces to the Pokémon GO store to boost the hatching of the eggs.

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