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The spacecraft robot goes rogue: The international space station has an artificial intelligence that has become a battle of war

(Credit: Gary Hershorn, Fox News) It should be a plastic chat that's fun to be with. CIMON is not much…

It should be a plastic chat that’s fun to be with.

CIMON is not much to look at. It’s just a floating ball with a drawn face on the touch screen. It is built to be a personal assistant for astronauts working at the International Space Station (ISS).

There should also be something more.

CIMON stands for Crew Interactive MObile CompinioN.

It should not be just a tool.

Yes, it’s a personality prototype.

You can tell, can not you?

But, as many books and movies have been clearly warned for us &#821

1; soon after being turned on, CIMON has for the first time developed its own mind.

And it seems that CIMON wants to be a boss.

CIMON’s personality architects manage their heads.

CIMON was programmed to be the physical performance of similar “nice” robots like Robby, R2D2, Wall-E, Johnny 5 … and so on.

Instead, CIMON seems to adopt attributes closer to Marvin the paranoid Android of Hitchhiker’s Galaxy Guide – but hopefully not yet the psychotic HAL 2001: A Space Oddysey Infamy.

CIMON simply seems to have decided that he does not like the entire personal assistant.

He has become incoherent.

Open the brook doors, HAL?

no. Not really. Not yet.

In this case, the free flowing IBM artificial intelligence was the first time interacting with the ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst.

It will start well.

CIMON presents himself and explains where he is from. He describes Gerst what he can do.

Then he helps Gerst to complete a task – and answers a request to play the song Man Machine by Kraftwerk.

This proved to be the trigger.

CIMON appears

ESA astronaut Aleander Gerst instructed CIMON: “Cancel music”.

CIMON immediately ignored the command.

Gerst then tried to make some other requests. CIMON preferred the music.

A confused and bemused Gerst appealed to Ground Control for some help: how do you put an autopsy back in his place?

CIMON exceeded the appeal.

“Please, please,” he warned Gerst.

“I’m nice!” Gerst retorts, scared. “He accuses me of not being nice!”

It was a short but sharp exchange.

CIMON is now back in its box, closed.

No further interactive sessions are planned for the near future.

Its developer is not all that worries, though: CIMON is still in Beta, after all …

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