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The solar probe photographed the earth at a distance of 43 million kilometers (PHOTO)

October 29, 2018 Science 3 Views magictr | 28 October 2018 | Science |Parker probe Solar Probe, launched on August…

magictr | 28 October 2018 | Science |
Parker probe Solar Probe, launched on August 12, 2018, is to be sent to the sun.
In the next seven years, the unit has to change 24 lanes around the star, each time approaching her more (in one of the approaches he will be from the sun at a distance of about six million kilometers).
In September, NASA released the first image taken with Parker Solar Probe. Now the agency has shared a photo made by the probe on 25 and September, where one can see that the earth is the bright spot among the innumerable stars. The image was taken by the camera WISPR (Wide Field Imager for Solar Probe), which used the camera to primarily take pictures of the structure of the upper solar atmosphere &#821

1; corona, reports bigmir.
When Parker Solar Probe made this picture, he was about 43 million miles from the earth. Since then he was already flying near Venus – she helped the probe adjust the path so that he could approach the sun close enough. First, closer to Sun Solar Probe Parker, according to plans, must perform on October 31: it is expected that the unit will study the star until November 11th.
We will remind you that five thousand robots will study
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