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“The Simpsons” is about to write Apu outside the show silently

Apus time at The Simpsons are obviously complete. That's the word from Adi Shankar, at least. The executive producer of…

Apus time at The Simpsons are obviously complete.

That’s the word from Adi Shankar, at least. The executive producer of Netflix’s series Castlevania does not work at the Fox hit but he has been linked to the show since he launched a contest to crowdsource a Simpsons script that would handle Apus withdrawal or review in a smart way.

Let’s flush back in a minute.

The Simpsons has spent the last year dealing with blowback from an audience who has finally recognized Apu’s dubious racial representation. The harmful impact of Kwik-E-Mart’s proprietor’s thick, heavily exaggerated Indian accent and stereotypical characterization was widely investigated in the Hari Kondabalus 201

7 documentary, The Problem with Apu .

Visan eventually made an attempt to deal with the criticism of an episode in April 2018, but many found that the effort was lacking. Questions have long been about how the show will deal with Apu when The Simpsons returned for Season 30 on September 30th.

Shankar seems to know the answer, as he revealed in an interview with IndieWire. 19659002] “I got some dull news back, as I’ve verified from several sources now: They will release the Apu character altogether,” he said. “They will not make a big deal out of it, or something like that, but they will let him go completely to avoid the controversy.”

Shankar rammed the news as “disappointing” because his efforts to crowdsource an appropriate and thoughtful handling of Apu led to what he called “perfect script”. But it should not be; Shankar said his sources contain two people working on the show plus one third who work directly for the series creator Matt Groening right away.

Although this used account attributable to anonymous sources is hardly confirmed, Fox did not refute Shankar’s statement. Instead, the network simply pointed Indie Wire on Apu’s appearance in the 14th section “My Way or Highway to Heaven.” He appeared there in a group shot with an assortment of characters gathered around the feet of the gods.

Generally speaking, Apu’s presence on the show has been dimmed and made almost invisible in recent seasons. But many see it as an abdication of responsibility.

The Simpsons created Apu and made him the racial stereotype as he is. His creation was not a deliberately harmful act, but afterwards – as demonstrated in Kondabalus documentary – has shown how harmful his existence has been. It’s clear time to move on, but it’s hard to see a clear decision to write Apu from the current story as anything but an attempt to sweep this chapter under the carpet.

“If you’re a cultural commentary show and you’re too scared to comment on the culture, especially when it’s part of the culture you had a hand to create, then you’re a show of cowardice,” said Shankar IndieWire. “It’s not a step forward, or step back, it’s just a massive step aside.”

If you are curious about the history of “fix” Apu as Shankar’s winning writer came on, be sure to read that interview. Although there was no chance of The Simpsons would ever produce a special script, it is clear that this is hardly an insoluble problem.

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