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The Secret to a Good Life

We have recently discussed a few benefits of sleep, today we’re going to continue on with how could sleeping the right amount of time enhance your life.

Sleeping more enhances physical activity

If you’re an athlete looking for a simple healthy way to enhance your performance or you’re someone who wants to feel more energetic during daytime, well, more sleep is the answer, as a new study showed that athletes who tried sleeping at least 10 hours a night for a duration between 7 and 8 weeks had less fatigue, more energy and improved their athletic performance.

Sleep helps you lose weight healthily

In a recent study, researchers found that people who slept well lost more fat of their weight compared to those who were sleep deprived and who lost muscle mass while feeling more hunger during the diet, so, if you want to improve your diet and make it healthier, resting well could be the answer you’re looking for.

Sleeping well can help lessen depression and anxiety if not prevent them

There’s an obvious link between disrupted sleep patterns and disorders such as depression and anxiety and this relationship is complicated, as lack of sleep or excessive sleeping aren’t just symptoms of such disorders, they can be the causes.

Let’s put it simply first, for a good night’s sleep can help a moody person enhance their mood usually, as they get a much-needed emotional stability and rest, while if we want to look at it from a medical way, well, the production of Serotonin which is known for mood stabilization can be disrupted due to unhealthy sleep pattern, which can lead to the above-mentioned disorders.

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