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The school district will not punish students in Nazi salute Prom Foto because of the first change

November 24, 2018 US 3 Views The Baraboo School District in Wisconsin has the intention not to punish the students…

The Baraboo School District in Wisconsin has the intention not to punish the students who gave an obvious Nazi salute in a photo that went viral this month.

The school district administrator, Lori Mueller, distributed a letter via a student information system on Wednesday saying that the district has conducted some of a survey of the image, but some “key tasks” are still unclear, reported the Wisconsin State Journal .

“We can not feel the mind in the hearts of those involved”, she wrote. “In addition, because of the students’ first change rights, the district is unable to punish students for their actions.”

The image which was reportedly taken for Baraboo High School junior prom last year, caught dozens of male students lifting their arms in an obvious Sieg Heil, a gesture used as a greeting in Nazi Germany.


After the image went viral and widespread condemnation, Mueller condemned the students’ actions as “ not reflective ” of the school district’s educational values ​​and said it would continue “all available and appropriate documents, including legal.”

She did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

The school area wrote in a statement on November 14 that it understood “ the moral responsibility we must be relentless in our work to create a culture where racism is not tolerated.” a series of community meetings which appears to be ongoing, to “acknowledge the deep meaning” of the students’ actions. “The answer to hatred is not hate,” said it.

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