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The Satanic Temple mourns “The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina” and Netflix for $ 50 Million for Copyright Infringement

On November 8, several media reported that the satanic temple matches Sabrina Chilling Adventures (especially Netflix and the show's production…

On November 8, several media reported that the satanic temple matches Sabrina Chilling Adventures (especially Netflix and the show’s production company Warner Bros.) over a statue displayed at Sabrina School. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Satanic Temple has filed a $ 50 million trial against Netflix and Warner Bros., and the legal acts mentioned include allegations of copyright infringement and injured parties. (When asked for a comment, Netflix Bustle happened to be two Warner Bros., who refused to comment on the ongoing disputes.)

As the trial documents provided by THR detail, the temple claims copyright infringement similar to the appearance of the temple’s Baphomet statue (a get-headed god) statue and the mood claims that the statue is depicted negatively in the show. The Baphomet statue is displayed in Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures Academy of Unseen Arts, in which Sabrina participates in the series. In Sabrina the Baphomet statue is identical to Satan, which is the crook the title figure faces in the series.

Lucien Greaves, founder of the satanic temple, was called Baphomet, depicting the “central icon” of the satanic temple in one of his tweets and writes that “having a central icon in connection with human sacrifice in a evil patriarchal cult is hardly good exposure and hardly a frivolous complaint. “

Greaves tweeted on October 28th the temple would take “legal action” against Netflix and Warner Bros. Greaves wrote in tweet:

“Yes, we take legal action regarding # TheChillingAdventuresofSabrina assists our copyrighted monument design to promote its asinin Satanic Panic fiction.”

Greaves also responded to a number of Twitter users who criticized the temple’s decision to pursue legal action. The co-founder and spokesman of the temple wrote a tweet like compared Sabrina Chilling Adventures s statue of Baphomet to a statue owned by the satanic temple.

“It is unique that we already own the copyright,” Greaves wrote in a tweet . “It’s not parody because it does not make any sense of the source. It’s simply theft.” He also shared a photo of the temple statue next to a screen shot from the Netflix series and wrote that he sent the images “for comparison.”

As Rolling Stone reported Last week, the temple’s legal consultant Stuart de Haan sent a letter to Netflix and Warner Bros. asked the streaming service to remove the Baphomet image from the show. According to Rolling Stone, the letter reads:

“By November 9, 2018, remove all ads similar to the Baphomet Monument, 2) abstain from any use of the similarity of Sabrina & # 39; Chilling Adventures “or any other works, and (3) explains the origin of the monument used in Sabrina’s Chilling Adventures.”

Greaves also spoke with Rolling Stone on how the Baphomet statue is depicted in the Netflix series. “In view of the show’s utilization of the Baphomet statue to represent an evil cannibalist cult, a perception incorrectly associated with Satanism, even in modern times, TST would deny its use to the creator of the show,” told Greaves Rolling Stone . “It’s not just what Baphomet represents, it’s our duty to those who identify with us not to allow this image and, in the long run, to be represented in this way.”

It is not clear what will happen next to Netflix, Warner Bros and The Satanic Temple.

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