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The Samsung Galaxy S9 processor could reach more phones (and not Samsung)


Samsung finally seems to have realized the huge market that can find in the competition. Currently the brand already sells components for mobile phones such as camera modules or OLED panels for devices (including Apple), but processors for smartphones they are still a product – almost exclusive to their phone catalog.

It seems that soon the Korean brand will compete directly with Qualcomm and MediaTek to boost the mobile phones of other OEMs, among which it stands out, curiously ZTE, who recently stopped selling their mobile s as a consequence of their legal problems in the United States. But he’s not the only manufacturer that could soon start using celebrities Exynos chips from Samsung .

The Samsung Galaxy S9 processor could reach more phones (and not Samsung)

It has been the agency Reuters who has reported that Samsung is in talks with several smartphone manufacturers to start supplying processors of its brand Exynos . This way we could get to see even the Exynos 9810, Samsung Galaxy S9 processor , promoting mobile brands that would be direct competition from Samsung. But the numbers are the numbers and it is clear that the business of mobile telephony is not the only one that gives benefits to the manufacturer.

The first steps have already been taken in this way in the past, as some Chinese phones hide Samsung processors inside. Examples of this are Meizu M6S , mobile that houses an Exynos 5 Series chip, as well as some Lenovo models.

Samsung and other OEMs

Inyup Kang, head of Samsung’s LSI System division, has just stated that the company is “talking to all OEMs” about the chip supply. Although no agreement has yet been reached with ZTE, one of the brands that could take advantage of this new strategy, or other manufacturers, is expected to announce a new client for chipsets Exynos in the first half of 2019.

It seems that Samsung could take advantage of the uncertainty surrounding ZTE as an opportunity to take its Exynos chips to more devices, taking the situation with the Chinese manufacturer as a testing ground for this new path that the company can start. Probably the first Exynos chip to drive competing smartphones is not the Samsung Galaxy S9 processor , but of course the door is open “wide open” for this to happen in the very near future, the same as would happen with other high-end Samsung CPUS.