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The sale date of the iPhone SE 2 is filtered together with part of its design


Today begins WWDC 2018, the Apple conference that is always the source of innumerable headlines, and one of the things that is most expected is the new iPhone SE 2 , a device that arrives to be the renewal of the original presented in 2016 and around which everything is unknown. Now we have had access to part of the promotional information of a British operator, and the truth is that the information shown may not be to everyone’s liking.

He iPhone SE It was a before and after in Apple’s commercial strategy, since for the first time Apple launched a specific model outside of its official calendar and also did so with a clear focus on price containment, at the same time that it satisfied everyone those users who still wanted a compact smartphone that hovered around 4 inches.

If we take into account that 2 years have passed since the launch of that device, there are many unknowns that arise, such as the fact that the device grows or not in size or if it will add to the new fashion of the notch that has so much divided to the user community, both Apple and Android.

Be that as it may, and according to the new information that we have just seen, two of the most interesting questions could be solved, such as the date of presentation of the iPhone SE 2 and its design . Let’s see what we have.

The iPhone SE 2 will take a little longer than expected

That’s right, and it is that in the picture that we show you below you can see a date that does not coincide with those handled for WWDC 2018, which runs from June 4 to 8. In particular, and according to this advertising, the iPhone SE 2 would not reach the market until the June, 15, something that is still quite curious.

The sale date of the iPhone SE 2 is filtered together with part of its design

And we say curious because we’re really talking about a fair week of delay Regarding the completion of the WWDC 2018, something that does not give you too much room to maneuver to debug the device, so it is conceivable that if Apple does not present the iPhone SE 2 in the WWDC it is not because it is not ready, but because it prefers dedicate an exclusive event to said device.

It could also be that the date seen in that announcement does not refer to the date of presentation of the device, but to the day in which said operator could start market iPhone SE 2, although the latter is something that we can not confirm either.

Is the notch confirmed on the iPhone SE 2?

Grind here here, notch there … Never a design element of a smartphone has given so much to talk, and now we could be a little closer to know the truth.

Whether or not the iPhone SE 2 will be a kind of iPhone X in miniature is something that many want to know, and the truth is that we have received information of all kinds in this regard. On the one hand we have seen screen protectors that point to it , but also other information saying that he would inherit the original SE iPhone design , but until now we had not thought that the iPhone SE 2 could be both.

The sale date of the iPhone SE 2 is filtered together with part of its design

The sale date of the iPhone SE 2 is filtered together with part of its design

And is that according to the aforementioned advertising, the most possible thing is that Apple’s new low-budget device is identical in proportions and design general to its predecessor, but that incorporates a screen with notch that makes the 4 inches of the original go up to about 5 inches thanks to a much better use of the front.

This would fit with everything seen so far and with the rumors that this iPhone SE 2 could be compatible with Animojis , those funny animated emoticons that until now we could only see on the iPhone X thanks to being the only one to include the company’s TrueDepth system.

Anyway, this afternoon we will leave doubts, at least as to the date of submission, because if the iPhone SE 2 is not presented today, we will have to give more credibility to the date of next June 15.