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The Room: Old Sins, one of the games of the year on Android, now available on Google Play

It’s been three months since The Room: Old Sins triumphs in iOS, and that is that Fireproof Games follows the…

It’s been three months since The Room: Old Sins triumphs in iOS, and that is that Fireproof Games follows the strategy of many other developers, who prefer as a rule release their most important titles on the Apple platform to later bring them already adapted to Android. We do not know the reasons, although the truth is that on both platforms we usually play the same Y all the deliveries of The Room have been counted by successes .

Be that as it may, the fourth installment of the already a classic saga of skill and wit is here, and fortunately we will not have to wait for your official launch next Thursday, April 19 to prove it, because Fireproof Games has opened the public beta of the game , which has already been published in the Google Play Store.

If you have played The Room you will know what is going on, and if you have not played we encourage you to try it, because as in the previous three titles, The Room: Old Sins will challenge us to solve a number of riddles , puzzles and puzzles following clues and manipulating strange three-dimensional machines to find the mysteries of the game.

As the developer herself tells us, the story of Old Sins – old sins , in Spanish – introduces us to the life of “an ambitious engineer and his wealthy woman”, who “disappear suddenly, which starts the hunt for a precious artifact. The trail leads to the attic of your home, where you will find an old doll house of the most peculiar … ”

A run over but … will you be able to resist?

The title was available in a private beta according to Fireproof told us on his Twitter , where we were summoned to get our invitation in order of arrival, although later the registration of a public beta in Play Store that we leave you linked right here .

However, and although we do not have official information about it, it seems that the developers of The Room: Old Sins have decided to publish the Beta Build 6630 directly Google Play Store , so if you do not mind having to endure some mistakes the first few days, you can already buy the fourth installment of The Room.

Its price? Well, it’s on the same level as its predecessors, with 5.49 euros that may seem like a high price, but given the quality of the title they seem like a fair price . In addition, Fireproof usually offers discounts on time to allow us to buy their games at lower prices, so Stay tuned for the offers that we usually publish every week.

We assume that the date is maintained for release of the stable version , so on April 19, The Room: Old Sins should officially be launched.

The Room: Old Sins (€ 5.49) | Google Play

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