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The right way to donate to the victims of the California fires

Even at donation there is a right path and a wrong path. California suffers from the deadliest firefighter in state…

Even at donation there is a right path and a wrong path.

California suffers from the deadliest firefighter in state history, with up to 50 people dead and hundreds more missing. Wilderness, known as Camp Fire, has burned 135,000 acres in northern California’s Butte County, and also affected Ventura, Sutter and Los Angeles County. President Donald Trump approved disaster relief for the state, where more than 7,000 structures have burned and another 15,000 are in danger. The fire was 35% held from Wednesday afternoon, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

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Americans rush to donate money, goods and services to help the victims. Organizations like the American Red Cross and Human Society say that victims need money more than anything else. “We all want to help the victims of #CampFire, but please do not send deliveries, as evacuation centers say they have been flooded,” Darrell Steinberg, mayor of Sacramento, tweeted. (Sacramento is 90 miles from the fires.)

Although good Samaritans can feel the impetus to help people replace property as the lost in the fire is money Actually the most useful type of help, charities said. “After a disaster, the American Red Cross meets the incredible generosity of people from all over the country who want to help in any way they can with donations of things like clothes, shoes, food and household items, but the reality is cash donations are best,” said Red The cross in a statement.

Officials in California say the victims of the fires would benefit from gift cards to Walmart,

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gas stations or grocery stores, as well as other stores in the affected areas, including Raley’s Food Maxx, Grocery, Rite-Aid,

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Walgreens, Dollar General,

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Dollar Tree

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and Big Lot


In southern California, where another fire detoxified communities, Humane Society of Ventura County said it was stocked with necessities, but could spend more money on the pet items. Actress Sandra Bullock donated $ 100,000 to HSVC, who cares for cats, dogs, donkeys, pigs, horses, chickens, ducks and other pets affected by the fire. (The organization will take care of these animals until the owners can reunite with them, said it.)

The Chico, California-based North Valley Community Foundation, which supports evacuation centers near Camp Fire, said there was not enough room for donations of clothes or blankets. “If you are able to contribute financially to our fire relief fund, it’s time,” said Alexa Benson-Valavanis, President and CEO of NVCF, in a statement .

Butte County still accepts concrete things, but Asking that they are new, says Holli Drobny, member of the county’s public information office. Drobny also said the county requests that donors divide clothing by gender and size so that they can be distributed more quickly to people who need them. Still, cash and Visa

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gift cards are most useful, she said.

“Our society has definitely penetrated to provide evacuation, but it took too much time to become more organized and see what’s possible for people to actually exploit,” she said.

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