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The report lists WV as the 2nd “Fattest” state in America in 2018

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1; To commemorate November is the “National Diabetes Awareness Month”, the personal finance website WalletHub has released a report on “2018 Fattest States in America”, as well as interesting facts and statistics about diabetes.

Through this report, WalletHub could find statistics about the obese and obese population in the state of West Virginia that many Western Virginians can find regarding.

According to WalletHub, to determine which states contribute most to the United States obesity and obesity problems, the site compared the 50 states (and Washington DC) with over 25 major metrics. These measurements range from the proportion of obese and obese population, to the consumption of sugar-minded beverages among teens, to obesity-related healthcare costs, among many others.

According to the study, West Virginia is ranked as the second “Fattest State In America in 2018”, just behind Mississippi at number one.

In a separate report that only considered obesity, West Virginia was ranked as the 6th most obese state in the United States, among both adults and children.

Below are some results from which West Virginia was ranked in important individual measurements from WalletHub’s report:

  • 7th as a percentage of overweight adults
  • 23th as a percentage of overweight children
  • 3rd as a percentage of overweight children
  • 11th as percentage of physically inactive adults
  • 7th as a percentage of adults with high cholesterol
  • 4th as a percentage of adults eating less than 1 serving of fruit / vegetable per day
  • 1st as a percentage of adults with type 2 diabetes
  • 2nd as a percentage of adults with high blood pressure
  • 7th in obesity-related death rate [19659022]
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