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The referee postpones decisions in the CNN trial

Anyway, it's only one. By applying for a temporary punishment order, CNN seeks what is called "emergency aid". CNN argues…

Anyway, it’s only one. By applying for a temporary punishment order, CNN seeks what is called “emergency aid”. CNN argues that Acosta’s First Amendment rights are violated every day as he is banned from the White House bases.

CNN also requests “permanent relief”, which means a declaration by the referee that Trump’s revocation of Acosta’s press pass was insufficient. This legal conclusion could protect other reporters from allegations in the administration.

But the referee will not control it yet. Kelly is only expected to weigh on the temporary status of Acosta’s press card.

Further hearings are likely to take place in the next few weeks by CNN lawyers.

The process claims breach of the first and fifth changes.

Kelly, a Trump employee, has been on the federal bench just for more than a year now. He was very curious about Wednesday’s hearing and asked tough questions from both sides and should be particularly deep in some of CNN’s arguments.

A lawyer, James Burnham, claimed that Trump White House has the legal right to kick off any reporter at any time for any reason.

Burnham, who has been commissioned to defend President Trump and several white housewives from CNN and Jim Acosta’s trial, responded to a hypothetical statement from Kelly. Burnham said it would be entirely legal for the White House to withdraw the journalist’s press card if it did not match the reporting. “As a matter of … yes,” he said.

Burnham’s comment in court made the rods of CNN v. Trump crystal clear.

Attorney Theodore Boutrous, representing CNN in court, called Trump’s motion to revoke Acosta’s hard pass “the definition of arbitrariness and nonsense.”

“What are the standards?” Boutrous asked. “Rudeness is not a standard. If no, nobody could have gone to the press conference.”

Boutrous also commented that Trump is “the most aggressive, I dare say rude person in the room” at press conferences.

Burnham said that CNN had made an odd First Amendment injury claim and suggested that Acosta could make his job “as effective” looking at the president’s appearance moved into a studio on CNN. In reply, Boutrous said that DOJ had a “basic misconception of journalism”.

CNN’s David Shortell contributed to reporting.

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