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The reasons why Apple would lower the price of iPhones 2018

667 The strategy adopted with the iPhone X does not just convince in Manzana . The response of the users…


The strategy adopted with the iPhone X does not just convince in Manzana . The response of the users to the high price of the model and the trajectory of the company in the smartphone market could take Apple to reduce the price of iPhones that will launch in 2018. On average, the signing of the apple could apply a rebate to both iPhone X Plus , iPhone X as iPhone 9 about 100 dollars.

Ming-Chi Kuo return to the scene The most popular analyst in terms of forecasts and financial reports on the activity of Apple is talking again. After he announced that he would stop providing information about Californians when he switched companies (KGI Securities by TF International Securities), the truth is that his essence as an analyst with interesting predictions about Apple returns, and he does it in the best possible way , with extremely juicy information.

Apple would lower the price of iPhones 2018

So resounding as the first report of Ming-Chi Kuo for investors in his new company tells us that Apple shuffles reduce the price of iPhones of 2018 . The reasons given by Kuo are several, all these with a credible basis.

The first of all is a new more aggressive pricing policy as a result of the negative impact that it would have detected after the commercial launch of the iPhone X . We must remember that the base price of the 64 GB model was $ 999 in the US market and 1,159 euros in Spain .

The reasons why Apple would lower the price of iPhones 2018

Another reason that would impel Apple to make this decision is the reduction of production costs of the new models. In this sense, the optimization applied in the production chain of the TrueDeph camera It has a lot to do, although it is not the only point where Apple would have managed to lower the production of its iPhone X and that it will have the same effect in the next iPhones with Face ID .

Finally, Apple will choose to significantly increase the number of users who have models with 3D facial recognition , a movement that can give the brand greater value in the market as well as enhance its ecosystem of services and software based on Face ID .

Prices of the iPhone X Plus, iPhone X and iPhone 9

As well as the reasons that would take to Apple to make this decision, Kuo advances the possible price of the 2018 iPhone , which would finally see the light in September. In this way, the iPhone X Plus with 6.5-inch screen would start between 900 and 1,000 dollars , to make way for a second generation of the iPhone X with a cost of between 800 and 900 dollars . Finally, the iPhone 9 , predictably the iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD , it would move in a cost between 600 and 700 dollars .

Of course, there is no data related to iPhone SE 2 , model that has gained prominence in recent months from numerous leaks and rumors, the same ones that point to a possible presentation this afternoon, within the framework of the WWDC 2018 . An event that starts at 7:00 pm Spanish time and will be covered in great detail by our colleagues from Apple5x1 .

In this way, prices of iPhones that we will see in 2018 would fall on average about $ 100, although it is not possible to know to what extent the fall in prices will affect the European market, in which the price of iPhones is higher and there is no agreement with the foreign exchange market.

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