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The Reason Why It’s Not To Be Excessive To Consume Salt


Read more about The Reason Why It’s Not To Be Excessive To Consume Salt.Consumption of salt can not be avoided completely. But the amount can be limited so as not to endanger health.The human body needs at least 200 mg of sodium or about 5 grams of salt per day. But many people consume more salt than that amount. Data from the American Heart Association shows that the average American consumes 3,436 mg of salt per day. Fox News says it may happen because many people do not know the exact amount of salt in their diet, do not understand the salt-safe limit, or are used to eating high-salt foods. This condition is certainly harmful to health.This article provides information about Why It’s Not To Be Excessive To Consume Salt. Let’s see below here.

Why It’s Not To Be Excessive To Consume Salt:

Then what is Why It’s Not To Be Excessive To Consume Salt? Make sure you see the following info carefully, because there are some things you should pay attention to.There is a negative effect of excessive salt intake as follows.


1. Imbalances of fluid in the body

Balancing sodium, potassium, and fluid in the body is a complicated process. When there is excess fluid in the blood, the kidneys ‘on duty’ draw the fluid and send it to the bladder so that the fluid can get out through the urine. This keeps the amount of sodium and water in the blood kept under control. But too much sodium in the blood can refer to kidney work to attract the fluid.The habit of drinking 8 glasses of water per day can overcome it while keeping the body hydrated. Add the amount if you feel you consume more salt.Keep in mind, the excess water in the blood that is functioned for sodium dilution will increase blood volume. This condition can cause extra pressure on the heart and blood vessels or called high blood pressure.

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2. Complications

High blood pressure due to excessive salt intake can cause complications. Includes damage to arteries, heart, other organs, and increased risk of coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure. Therefore it is important to always measure blood pressure on a regular basis. If you already have high blood pressure, reduce the consumption of salt immediately so as not to experience more severe complications.

3. Bloated

Stomach feels bad and gummy? This could be due to excessive salt intake. Although bloating is a temporary effect, but this condition certainly makes you uncomfortable. Therefore as much as possible avoid the consumption of foods high in salt.A simple way to reduce salt intake is to avoid eating fast food. Restaurants generally do not use natural herbs or herbs, but salt and MSG are harmful to health.Instead, get used to cooking yourself to make the menu healthier than fresh ingredients. Avoid excessive salt use and replace with natural herbs or herbs. Like red peppers, garlic, or onions.Now you already know the info about Why It’s Not To Be Excessive To Consume Salt that can help and useful for you …

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The Reason Why It’s Not To Be Excessive To Consume Salt
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