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The (really good) Black Friday deal on Amazon UK today

Black Friday is embedded in our consumer culture these days. And while there are real finds to find, sometimes deals…

Black Friday is embedded in our consumer culture these days. And while there are real finds to find, sometimes deals are not as good as they seem.

Unlike some listings, WIRED checks prices against other retailers and historical prices and selects products carefully because you are sure not to waste money. Today, we have updated the list of nine new offers, including 40 percent of a pair of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones. We also have a separate guide for Black Friday laptop deals.

What is it? OnePlus 6 is a stalwart of our best phone guide thanks to a powerful Snapdragon 845 processor and a live OLED display. It has a 6.28 inch, 1.080 x 2 280 resolution screen, 6 GB RAM and a battery that keeps you all day long.

How much do you save? OnePlus phones have a reputation for good value. Now the 64GB version of OnePlus 6 is £ 70 off on Amazon – a 15 percent saving that reduces it to $ 399. There are a few gray importers who can beat that price, but this is the best offer from a UK retailer.

Click here to save £ 70 on OnePlus 6

What is it? The universal remote Logitech Harmony Elite can replace every remote in your home, from your TV and media center to old-fashioned air conditioning and brand new smart home appliances. It also includes a hub that you can communicate with with your smartphone or even Amazon’s Alexa Assistant, giving you smart, network-controlled control over infrared and Bluetooth.

How much do you save? While Harmony Elite is usually a little expensive at $ 279.99, Amazon is currently selling on a massive 57 percent black Friday discount. It’s £ 160.99 off so you pay £ 119.

Click here to save £ 161 on Logitech Harmony Elite Advanced Universal Remote, Hub and App

What’s it? Beats headphones have a distinctive sound that is loved by their fans, and the Solo3 model is no exception, although hardened audio files can oppose their strong bass and lack of subtle details. But it’s the pure reliability of the headphones wireless connection that has been most famous, making them a great choice for anyone who likes to listen on the go, without a twist of cable in the trailer. They also claim a 40-hour battery life thanks to Apple Q1 technology.

How much do you save? The best deal on Beats By Dr Dre Solo3 Wireless Earphones is this black set from Amazon, currently £ 99.96 (40 percent) off at £ 149.99. If you prefer a light blue pair, a lot of them have for sale at 159, while a gray set from Amazon costs 159,95 €.

Click here to save $ 10 on Beats Solo3

What’s this? Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H4 Wireless Headphones are a set of full wireless cans. They have been built to deliver lots of bass – perfect for drowning the sound of a busy commute if you can not tolerate whine of active shower-breaker headphones. Even though they have a good battery life of up to 19 hours, they come with a cable that you can connect if they come out.

How much do you save? Amazon’s £ 134.99 offer price is a 46% reduction on £ 249 RRP. A variety of other color combinations are available, but plain black is the cheapest.

Click here to save 112 kr on Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones

What’s this? Fitbits second generation Charge Fitness and Heart Speakers are not the latest product, but it’s a solid entry into the company’s range of smart sports tractors. In addition to monitoring every step you take and each stairway you climb, it has an integrated wrist-mounted heart rate speaker, connected GPS tracking when connected to your phone, sleep monitoring and a battery that lasts up to five days.

How much do you save? Usually priced at £ 139.99, the Black and Purple versions of Charge 2 have been discounted 46 percent to £ 79.99 in Amazon’s Black Friday Sale.

Click here to save £ 60 on Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

What is it? There is a very large hard drive in a box. Perfect for backing up your data or transporting a lot of it with you.

How much do you save? Usually priced at £ 131.22, Amazon is earning 31 percent of this external hard drive price, bringing it down to £ 89. If you have extravagant storage needs, Seagates 8TB STGY8000400 is also 31 percent at £ 119.99.

Click here to save £ 41.23 on an external hard drive of 5 GB STDR5000202

What’s this? Mechanical Keyboards are good for your wrists, your writing speed and your gaming performance. Unfortunately, they are also usually quite expensive, so it’s worth taking advantage of deals when they appear. Korsair’s excellent K70 keyboard, with aluminum chassis, rainbow backlight and responsive Cherry MX Red key switch, is one of the best.

How much do you save? K70 usually sells for 159.99 kr. to £ 119.99 for Amazon Prime subscribers, but today’s agreement takes another 20 percent off and drops it to £ 95.98.

Click here to save £ 24 on a Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB Keyboard with Cherry Red Switches [19659024] What is it? Installing a Solid State Device (SSD) on your desktop or laptop is one of the easiest and safest ways to dramatically improve performance. Unfortunately, most SSDs are low-capacity or painfully expensive.

How much do you save? Usually priced at £ 180.44 – It can be found for as little as £ 150 if you shop right now – this SSD has reduced its price by 22 percent to bring it down to $ 139.99, which makes it good if you are building or upgrading your computer.

Click here to save £ 40.45 on a SanDisk SDSSDA-1T00-G26 Plus 1TB SSD

What’s this? Surface Pro is the best Windows table around. This special model comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage space. It also ships with the type cover included, so you do not have to spend more to get a fully functional device.

How good is the deal? It is sold at several dealers, including Amazon, John Lewis and Currys, for £ 749. Based on previous prices, it was sold for approximately 980, saving you 23 percent (£ 230). This is the latest version of Surface Pro with an updated Intel processor, so you do not buy an older version.

Click here to save £ 230 on Surface Pro 6 with keyboard

What is it? The Deathadder series has been one of Razer’s most consistently popular game mice and for good reason. Its ergonomic design – for right-handed mouse users in this version – makes it convenient to use for longer periods, whether it’s game or anything else. It also has all the features competing players want in a mouse, including a 16,000 dpi optical sensor, tactile scroll wheel and high quality mechanical button switches.

How much do you save? Amazon further reduces Deathadder Elite’s already discounted price of £ 59.09 (it has a RRP of £ 69.99) by 24 percent to £ 45.39. This is the best price we’ve seen from a UK based retailer.

Click here to save £ 14.15 on Razer Deathadder Elite RZ01-02010100-R3G1

What’s this? This is a simple management on the console without ball games. That means you get the console, the TV dock and two Joy-Con controls. It is available in both Neon Red / Blue and Gray colors.

How good is the deal? At 249 kr, it’s a modest 30th saving based on the usual price of 279 kr. Not bad if you planned to get one already, but it may be worth looking for game bundles before you decide to buy.

Click here to save $ 30 on a Nintendo Switch

What’s it? Although recently replaced by a newer model, the Sony WH-1000XM2 has been WIRED Recommends the best wireless headphones for over a year now. They look refined, the sound is excellent and their noise reduction is among the best you can get.

How good is the deal? These headphones have already been discounted from their original £ 330 price to £ 269 due to replacement. Most dealers currently sell about 250 kr, but they are available for only 200 kr today. You will struggle to find a better pair of wireless headphones for audio shutdown for less.

Click here to save 50 kr on Sony WH-1000XM2 Wireless Headphones

What’s this? LG’s OLED TVs are reliably excellent. This is the 55-inch 55-inch B8 model from the LG 2019 TV Series, which uses a less powerful image processor than the C8 model found in our guide to the best TVs. Do not let it put you off. This is still an outstanding TV and we think LG’s smart TV shows are the best of one of the major manufacturers.

How good is the deal? Different dealers offer this model the same discount price of £ 1299. Based on the latest prices, it’s a saving of £ 180, but some less accurate retailers call it £ 500 based on prices from a few months ago. However, it is a good deal on an excellent TV.

Click here to save £ 180 on LG OLED55B8SLC 55-inch OLED TV

What’s this? Amazon’s Echo Dot is the smallest Alexa smart speaker it sells. It’s not much of a speaker, but Echo Dot is a cheap way to add Alexa to your home. This is the 3rd generation version, launched this year. Amazon tweaked the design and added the fabric to give it a softer look.

How good is the deal? It’s only £ 25, 50 percent of the regular price. So, if you were thinking of getting someone to your home, you will save a lot to get them now.

Click here to save 50 percent on 3rd gen Amazon Echo Dot

What is it? Hive is owned by British Gas and this smart thermostat will likely be a welcome addition to your smart home. There is also a version (also available at a store) that supports separate control for hot water systems, allowing operation via your smartphone or wall-mounted controls.

How good is the deal? This is another example where the savings on the site seem better than it really is, but it is still a reasonable deal yet. You save about 30 kr on the regular price.

Click here to save 30 kr on Smart Active Thermic Terminal

What is it? Amazon’s Kids Edition tablets are cheap and easy to use. They also come with large, thick protective cases that keep the tablet safe and make it easier for small hands to hold. This is the basic 7-inch version, which has a lower resolution screen than the 8-inch HD edition.

How good is the deal? This is a great deal. At £ 60, it’s a saving of £ 40. If you go away, it’s worth picking up a microSD card to extend the 16GB storage space so you can download enough entertainment over a long journey.

Click here to save 40 percent on Amazon’s fire 7-year edition

What’s it? BT’s entire home Wi-Fi creates what is known as a networking network, which extends the Wi-Fi range beyond what a standard wireless router can achieve without lowering performance, as opposed to repeaters. It’s a good option if you have dead zones in your home.

How good is the deal? It’s a solid 33 percent savings on this, from 150 to 100 kronor for a twin package. You can extend the range of the system by adding more wireless stations at any time, so this is a good starter to fix troublesome Wi-Fi issues.

Click here to save 33 percent on BT Whole Home wi-fi twin package

What is it? It’s a Kindle, of course. But, more importantly, this is the new Kindle Paper White. It is now waterproof and has a cleaner, sharper design inspired by the latest, more expensive, Kindles.

How good is the deal? You save 25 percent (£ 30) on the usual £ 120 price tag, which is decent. Kindles are often on offer during such events, but Amazon rarely drops the price otherwise, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find it cheaper anytime soon.

Click here to save 25 percent on the new Kindle Paperwhite

What is it? This is the UE Megaboom, a 360-degree portable Bluetooth speaker that is waterproof and has a life span of 20 hours. It’s an excellent speaker and two different models from the same product group are in our round up the best Bluetooth speakers.

How good is the deal? You get a superior Bluetooth speaker for £ 100 here with a decent 23 percent sparring. John Lewis is currently selling this product to £ 150.

Click here to save 23 percent on portable speaker UE Megaboom

What’s this? Our guide to the best phones features Moto G6 Play as the best budget smartphone you can buy. It looks good, has a decent screen and a more than useful camera. It also has a dimming 4000mAh battery, which is larger than most smartphones.

How good is the deal? It usually sells £ 150 to £ 160. It’s currently £ 150 at Carphone Warehouse, while John Lewis has it for only £ 130. At £ 120 it’s a respectable price and the best WIRED has found this excellent phone.

Click here to save £ 40 on Moto G6 Play

What is it? A Chromebook makes a good laptop for a child and the 11.6-inch Asus C202SA has a 10-hour battery life and gets a good job. It will not play Forntite (if that’s what you need to see elsewhere), it’s perfect for homework and browsing the internet.

How good is the deal? It’s not quite good as the Amazon website suggests, but it’s still a solid £ 40 saving at £ 129.

Click here to save £ 40 on the Asus C202SA Chromebook

What’s it ? Ultra-wide screens are all rage, especially for games. This 34-inch input from Samsung has a 21: 9 aspect ratio and a 3,440 x 1,440 resolution.

How good is the deal? This is still an expensive product of £ 530, but it’s a significant £ 150 discount on the regular price. If you have had an ultrasound screen but can not measure the output, you will not find this model at a better price for a while.

Click here to save £ 150 on the Samsung LC34F791WQUXEN ultra-comprehensive game monitor

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