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The rare, potentially fatal infection reports from day care staff request that parents keep non-vaccinated children at home

February 21, 2019 Health 0 Views A Nebraska day care facility asks parents of non-immunized children to keep their children at home after one of their employees was hospitalized with a rare and potentially life-threatening, airborne bacteria. [1 9659004] Bright Beginnings day care center sent a letter home to parents on Wednesday and urged parents to take precautions after employees had entered epiglottis, Omaha's WOWT television reported. According to the Mayo Clinic, epiglottitis is a rare and potentially life-threatening infection that causes epiglottis to swell and block airflow to the trachea. It is usually caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and can be spread by coughing or sneezing. TARGET OUT SPURS VACCINATION SURGE IN ANTI-VAXXER HOTSPOT Day care operators considered closing the facility for a few days but finally decided against it. "In the light of this information, we had found that closing the middle for the rest of the week to do a thorough cleaning but after careful consideration we have decided that this would cause a tremendous pain to our families and will not do so," the letter that WOWT read. "We will take time today and in the next few days to deepen as much as we can while we care for the children." The letter continued to ask parents to make new arrangements for children who have not been immunized against Hib. CLICK HERE TO FOX NEWS APP Hib vaccinations in infants have made contra-epiglottitis rare but the guardian who entered the infection was vaccinated…

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