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The quarter's intensity and quick thinking give pelicans edge over Knicks

At 1:23 to go 129-124 on Friday night (November 16) against New York Knicks, New Orleans Pelican continued Julius Randle…

At 1:23 to go 129-124 on Friday night (November 16) against New York Knicks, New Orleans Pelican continued Julius Randle saw something.

He did not want to say exactly what he saw – “Can not say you will try to take my secrets” – but as Anthony Davis put up for the other of his two free throws with the pelicans clinging to a single pointing point, Randle had a plan in mind only if Davis missed the other he missed the first.

The Pelicans went on guard Jrue Holiday and little forward Darius Miller in Davis’s suit with E & # 39; Twaun Moore and Randle on the outside.

Randle told Holiday what he would do and put the plan back on track. When Davis second free throw went up Holiday Boxed out Kevin Knox and Tim Hardaway followed the two under the basket.

At the same time, Miller faded and Knicks center Mitchell Robinson began returning from the goal together with Miller.

Randle left a wide open lane. And he took it. As Davis missed the shot, Randle was there.

Randle flew in unintentional and caught Davis miss and quickly returned it to keep the wings &#821

1; and the pace – with pelicans.

“I told Jrue to get in,” says Randle. “I do not remember who it was, but they did not search. I just got untouched and got the offensive rebound. “

Davis, who finished 43 points and 17 rebounds, said he dropped his head a little while he saw the other freak of the rim, but then he saw a blue shirt.

” I do not know where he came from where he came from, I appreciate it, “said Davis.

Holiday said Randle that he would come to the free throw before Davis’s first free throw attempt and that he would try to reject if the opportunity was presented.

” Everything I really tried to do the box (Knox), “said Holiday.” Then the other guys (Hardaway) pressed me. But (Randle) is like a bull. I do not know who stops him. I am not. “

In three quarters, Anthony Davis had 37 points, but no other pelican player had more than 11. New Orleans had trailed as many as 19 points but was looking for another scoring weapon in addition to its superstar

In the fourth quarter, Randle together with Holiday to make the games needed to complete the third largest comeback in the history of history.

Randle had 10 points and seven rebounds in the quarter – ended by 19 and 11 – while Holiday had 14 quarter points on the way to completion with 24 with 10 assists.

It was Holiday who nailed a 3-pointer with 34.2 to put Pelicans up six and release the game. Holiday also puts the last points on the board when he spotted a couple of free throws with 14, 3 to go.

“We were down 11 at 6:40 to play,” Randle said. “From then on we really lowered and ended and we let that energy lead to the offensive end.”

New Orleans exceed the Knicks with 13 in the fourth quarter and knicks out in the quarter, 18 to 5. It was almost the same margin as the 19-5 race as Davis put a stamp on with an emphatic alley-open finish by 1:47 to play .

Pelicans started the game with just 16 points in the first quarter before they scored 38 in the second, 34 in third and 41 in fourth to get back in the game. It’s a beginning they hope to avoid when they return to the floor on Saturday night against Denver Nuggets.

“We started the game lacking a lot of easy, smooth shots,” said Pelican coach Alvin Gentry. “We did not get back in our defense and they came out and did some shots. From there it was uphill the rest of the road.”

“We had some important sales but most of the time it was a grind-out win and we just hung in and found a way to win the game. “

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