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The productivity applications that can not miss on your mobile

Using the telephone in the workplace is increasingly widespread. Our smartphones can have a professional use , and is that,…

Using the telephone in the workplace is increasingly widespread. Our smartphones can have a professional use , and is that, sometimes, they are faster and more practical than laptops or desktop computers, depending on the function we want to perform.

Thus, productivity apps for Android are so popular , so let’s tell you some of them, which we use in our day to day and which are already, a must.

Our best productivity apps on Android



Trello is an application in which we can organize our workflow through cards. In Andro4all we use it to manage the content, but it is an app that can be used to manage ideas, tasks and everything you can think of .

Thanks to it, you can have control of the ideas you have in mind, those that are in progress, finished, or how you want to organize everything. It’s totally free , although you have a paid subscription that unlocks certain functions. From here we advance you with the free version will have plenty, so do not hesitate to give a good opportunity.

Play Store | Trello


Meister Task works practically like Trello, although on a visual level it is much more careful . The concept is the same, management by cards of your personal or professional projects.

Personally, I am more comfortable managing certain projects with Meister Taks , since the visual level is spectacular, and this always helps motivation, creativity and brainstorming.

Play Store | MeisterTak


We all know the importance of social networks today, and the best trick to gain followers and generate engadgement : create content

On many occasions, we can not publish whenever we want, and for this is Buffer. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + … You will be able to automate the publications for several moments of the day . Buffer, will recommend certain hours in which the traffic of users is concentrated, to improve the reach of your publications.

In my case, the management of my personal Twitter account is based on 80% Buffer, and 20% of my own publications, which I publish in the few free time I have. It is a tool that helps you grow, to increase your social network, and an incredible time saver .

Play Store | Buffer


Image of IFTTT

Bluntly, IFTTT seems to me the most powerful, useful and spectacular application that exists today . Many do not know it, or do not use it because they think it is complicated, but not much less. What is IFTTT? A task automation, which can take the phone to limits that we would never imagine.

I tell you, for example, what a day in your life would be like, if you had the IFTTT recipes well configured .

  • You get up in the morning with the mobile alarm, automatically, it goes into sound mode

  • You leave the house, the WiFi is deactivated automatically, the data is activated, and when you board your car, your favorite Spotify list is activated

  • You get to work, the phone automatically goes into sleep mode

  • Finish your day, when you get home the WiFi is activated again, the phone is put in sound mode, the most important news of the day have been sent to your Telegram account, and some of them have been shared in your Twitter account

  • The evening comes, automatically, the smart bulbs of your house turn on, in the tone and intensity that you have set

  • You go to bed, when you connect the mobile to the charger goes into silent mode and turns off the WiFi until the next day

One last! IFTTT allows to automate all the tasks that, although we do quickly and daily, we can save ourselves. The concept is if this then do that , so the recipes are as easy as setting up If something happens, the phone must do another .

An incredible potential for a totally free app, with a spectacular design , and that allows us to create all the recipes that we want to taste.

Play Store | IFTTT

Google Keep

Google Keep supermarket

Yes, it is obvious that there are a thousand and one applications of lists and tasks, but in my opinion, none is as simple as Google Keep . It is one of the best productivity applications because of its extremely simple design and operation.

It integrates quite well with Google Docs and Calendar, plus we can put widgets as a post it anywhere on our desktop , so that we do not forget at any time what we have to do.

Play Store | Google Keep


CamScanner application

Since I discovered this application, I do not remember the last time I needed to use a scanner for a document. Camscanner uses our camera to scan documents , but in a practically professional way.

For example, imagine that you need to scan your ID. When you take a picture with Camscanner, it is automatically cropped , and you can select if you want it in color or in black and white.

Further, is able to change the tone of the documents we scan , I explain. If right now you take a photo of some document, because of the white balance of your mobile, it will be more bluish or yellowish. Camscanner is responsible for converting it to be completely white , so we can send it without anyone knowing it is a photograph.

Play Store | Camscanner


These are, personally, some of my favorite productivity applications . The time, stress and effort that save me is impressive, so I can focus on tasks that really require my time.

From here, if you want use your mobile more productively, we recommend you try some of these applications .

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