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The price of Samsung’s 256 GB micro SD card goes down to 71 euros


Unlike what happens in the RAM market, in the smartphone sector, accessories as important as the memory cards they have come down in price significantly. Nevertheless, offers as the Amazon they accuse that descent much more. If not, take for example the Samsung 256GB micro SD card price , which can be purchased for little more than 70 euros .

A few years ago, the most recurrent and accessible external memory cards were those that moved around 16 and 32 GB. The advancement of technology has led not only to the appearance and need for formats with greater storage capacity, but also because their price makes their purchase a very attractive alternative. To this day, one of the most balanced options are the micro SD cards with a capacity of 128 GB . However the Samsung 256GB micro SD card price through the last Amazon offer It is placed as an inescapable purchase.

Price of Samsung 256 GB micro SD card

If the 4K video recordings or the collection of series and movies eat the storage space of your smartphone , maybe it’s time to take the step to a higher capacity micro SD card , if your smartphone supports it. If it is the case, we put on a tray one of the most interesting offers in the market.

The price of Samsung's 256 GB micro SD card goes down to 71 euros

And if not, you can check for yourself how the recent Amazon offer published in your e-commerce store offers an i Significant drop in the price of Samsung’s 256GB micro SD card . The final price is 71.50 euros , a reduction more than considerable if we value the price set for it a few days ago, of 130 euros.

The price of Samsung's 256 GB micro SD card goes down to 71 euros


The discount is greater if we extend the timeline. In fact, about a year ago we echoed another offer, which offered a discount of 33% Regarding the 199 euros – official price – with which debuted the micro SD card. Two months ago , the available offers marked a price of 100 euros.

Higher capacity and high performance

Regarding the details and characteristics of this micro SD, it is a memory card inside the line Samsung Evo Plus , which is certified as class 3 UHS-I able to offer speeds of writing up to 90 MB / s Y reading up to 100 Mb / s .