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The Porsche 911 setup is so complicated that they had to make idiots like me an explanatory video

People are always joking that Porsche has just made the same car, Porsche 911, with marginal improvements for decades, but…

People are always joking that Porsche has just made the same car, Porsche 911, with marginal improvements for decades, but it’s just not true. It actually makes a seemingly infinite number of variants of 911, and it has become so confusing that the company produced a video to educate us.

It is confusing to try to keep a clear idea of ​​what the difference between a Porsche 91

1 trim is and what a Porsche 911 package is. For example, the 911 GT3 Touring is just a package, although you get full bathing at the back of the car, but the 911 Carrera Touring is called Carrera T and is considered to be its own trim.

Also in this video, Porsche only calls each car a derivative of the standard 911, but if you check out its website, the cars in this trolley are clearly intended to be different levels of trimmer you can get.

The 911 nomenclature follows a loose model model, which would be 911, since the body type, so Carrera, GT3, Targa, etc., then run layout if it’s four-wheel drive, adding 4 in Carrera 4 and Targa 4S, usually ends with a designation of engine and equipment options, S for Turbo S or RS for GT3 RS.

911 Carrera is the base model of the car, since the Convertible is the convertible version of the fabric. They are rear-wheel drive, where the Carrera 4 is four-wheel drive. Carrera T is described in the video as the “essence” of 911, focusing on the essential aspects of driving and shooting just below Carrera S.

Carrera S has more power and improved technology, such as optional all-wheel steering. Carrera GTS is the sportiest every day 911. 911 Targa is only four-wheel drive, and essentially the hardtop convertible 911.

Then there are 911 Turbo and Turbo S, renamed as such back in the day because they were exclusively equipped with turbochargers . Since most 911 are turbocharged now, it exclusively excludes a more sporty style with a broader track and a more powerful model.

The 911 GT is the road-focused road cars, starting with GT3, which is still naturally aspirated. The GT3 RS is even more refined to produce more power and speed around a track, partly due to its lighter weight. Then the 911 GT2 RS is even more intensive and instead of being naturally aspirated, it builds on the Turbo S model. It’s the fastest way-legal 911 money can buy, for now.

Porsche would not make so many variations if they were not so popular, but there is also an odd stringentity of what Porsche can get away with changing the iconic 911. Hardcore fans of the car want essentially a modern version of the original , what Porsche boxes about engine and styling, why every new generation just seems to be a bit bigger and just a bit different.

But if Porsche goes and does the 911 Purists want, and then defends the car in all these strange variations, they can satisfy everyone. The only drawback is a somewhat confusing setup.

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