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The Play Newsstand app has disappeared from Google Play, what do I do?

Some of the largest Google services have the word “Play” in front, such as Play Music, Play Games or Play Movies. One of less known, called Google Play Newsstand, has suddenly disappeared from the map .

Play Newsstand was a subscription service to magazines, newspapers and other written news media of which Google announced his death this May , at your Google I / O event. Today, your application is no longer with us.

Goodbye to Google Play Newsstand

Suddenly, without prior notice, the Google Play Newsstand application is no longer in the Google Play Store. However, its Play Newsstand section is still present. In other words, if you now format the mobile and you want to reinstall the Kiosk app, you can not . You will have to look for your file .APK by Internet.

This decision is not very typical of Google, since it usually notifies and puts a date on the ceso of one of its services. It’s sure that its users have not sat down very well, above all, to those who have an active payment subscription . These are maintained, but now they will be managed in Google News.

The Play Newsstand app has disappeared from Google Play, what do I do?

Indeed,, the Google Play Kiosk substitute that Practically has the same function except the addition of having “organized news” and personalized in one place. However, your app is not yet available in the Spanish Play Store!

Google news |

Therefore, consumers of Google Play Newsstand have their app removed while Google News has not yet been officially launched in Spain . However, there is a possible remedy: install Google News through your file .APK , which you can search online.

Probably, when Google decides to open Google News in Spain, they will launch a statement announcing the announced death of Google Play Newsstand. This disappearance makes us think that it will not take too long . Tell me,

What is your opinion of Play Newsstand? What do you expect from Google News?