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The only stupid truth about Raiders who trade Amari Cooper to Dallas

It's time to come across "Jon Gruden Broke Faith With Oakland" because (a) we know he did it and has…

It’s time to come across “Jon Gruden Broke Faith With Oakland” because (a) we know he did it and has it comfortable to do it, (b) he sees his mandate differently than anyone else because Mark Davis told him he could, and (c) he gets first round draft picking for things he does not like.

But if you’re disturbed, “But he said that Amari Cooper would be the focal point of the crime” part of thing, yes, now you know that when he talks he speaks with the kiss of death. Next time he says something glowing about an Oakland Raider, he did not enter. Allied Van Lines gets the first call.

The horror extracted a first round draft from Cooper Cowboy Cowboys on Monday and repeated that someone currently is a Raider who is not called Marshawn Lynch an ex-Raider in a heartbeat. That Gruden got a first rounder for Cooper speaks to Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones’s own desperation as the team’s gasbaggy general manager but it’s also the latest in a series of reminders that Raiders in their current state of disarray are essentially a giant 53-person’s couch placed out on the front lawn for someone to grab.

The surprise here is that Cooper picked up such a price, because his glow had faded (from star to desk lamp) so fast in Oakland that he seemed like a particularly worried bit. Once you have accepted the fact that Raiders are for sale, as a set or in pieces, and your hopes of something good and parade-ish to come out of the past 25 years of Raiders football, the Cooper agreement seems much less offensive than Khalil Mack trade.

Of course, Mack is an elite player. Cooper was never, at least not like a raider. Perhaps there is a new life for him in Texas, but at least as a cowboy he will not be expected to become the offensive focus (see Elliott, Ezekiel) as he was in Oakland when the franchise had no face at all. 1

9659002] It’s the only gloomy truth – that a player who made so many promises made on his behalf never delivered (or was allowed to deliver) on these promises. He fought to catch the ball early, had a short renaissance like Derek Carr’s first goal and then lost more and more service until the fire came and ended the deal by saying how important Cooper was for the future of the team.

You can say that the horror was correct about Cooper in a way, though – he is important for the future of the team, just like anyone else.

It also serves as a practical reminder to all of us that everyone disagrees with the inability of Raider. To target Cooper more often was another example that what you see very often is exactly what you get. It was not that the Raiders could not target Cooper almost as much as they decided they would not target Cooper. Goals are choices, and Cooper ended up being an excellent choice in Oakland even before the horror arrived.

As part of the deep clean in Alameda, the Mine of Jones found someone who had hit their own recipients and whose impatience is about something, greater than the horror s. Therefore, Cooper the Cowboy.

And thus Gruden increases its draft overall choice to a more reasonable for conversion to nine, including three first and one second.

And there will be more, because even local rebel will not serve as deterrent to further fire sales – not as it ever did, of course. Local disturbances have already been largely transformed into local apathy, so Cooper Trade brings another knowing pleasure about the value of praise in sport and thinks it’s anything but empty words designed to fill the time between an impertinent question and next.

So now it’s done, and speculation about who’s next at General Manager Jonny’s list of ex-Raiders can begin. All we know is this – the asking price always begins with a first round draft, and sometimes when you least expect it, he will get it.

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