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The Obama administration used tear gas at the border once a month

The same tear gas resources as the Trump administration takes heat for deployment against a border guard this weekend is…

The same tear gas resources as the Trump administration takes heat for deployment against a border guard this weekend is actually used quite often – more than once a month under President Obama, according to home security data. [19659002] US Customs and Border Protection has used 2-chlorobenzylidene monononitrile or CS since 2010 and utilized it 26 times 2012 and 27 times 2013. The use dropped after it, but was still used three times in 2016, Mr. Obama’s final full

The use of CS rose again in 2017, which was split between Mr Obama and Mr Trump and reached 29 deployments in the 2018 fiscal year, which ended two months ago, according to CBP data such as The Washington Times.

Border authorities also use another agent, pepper spray, often &#821

1; including a decade high record of 151 cases in 2013, even under Mr Obama. Pepper spray, officially known as Pava Capsaicin, was used 43 times during the 2018 fiscal year, according to CBP number.

The data poses a challenge to the current anger of cross-border use of tear gas on Sunday in order to prevent a bully from bursting through parts of the Old Border Seal in California.

Critics, including Latin American leaders, immigrant advocates and congressional democrats, have said that the use of tear gas is “American”.

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“It’s scary to see tear gas used for mothers and toddlers when they seek refuge in the US. That’s not what America should be,” said Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat.

Other Democrats complained of ” mortal force “against border controls, which saw the migrants stopping through fencing and launching stones and bottles of agents responded to support the intrusion.

Brandon Judd, chairman of the National Border Guard, crumbled against the disorder and questioned where the critics were where tear gas was used under Mr Obama.

“This policy we use was an Obama-written policy and was used in 2013 in the same port,” he told CNN, wondering especially about the intense media interests now compared to that.

“The fact is that Politics written under President Obama allows us to use tear gas to spread a crowd that was very dangerous, “he told the network .

Host Erin Burnett fooled Juda’s facts and said that the agents used tear gas against women and children this weekend. [19659002] “The tear gas was not used to the children,” replied Judd. He said that immigrants tried to use them as shields.

Some 9000 members of the migrated caravans are located in Baja California along the US-Mexico border, planning their attempt to enter the US, according to Mexican press accounts.

The Mexican authorities have said that 500 immigrants were involved in trying to storm the border. Some US officials have set the number higher.

Mexico said it has deported 98 caravan members whom it has identified as part of the violence and chaos.

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