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The news that would come with the iPhone X triple camera


Since Huawei unveil your Huawei P20 Pro with the innovative system of three cameras in the back, rumors have not stopped about a possible iPhone X with triple camera . A hypothesis that begins to take shape and even comes to light news Y characteristics what Manzana I would have occasion to introduce thanks to this technical solution.

Now that the double camera has become standardized even in the most economical smartphones, comes the triple camera configuration . The Huawei P20 Pro is a pioneer, and everything points to it being a solution that extends to other brands. One of these seems to be Apple, which would already be studying not only its implementation, but additional functionalities, in addition to improvements at the camera level.

News of the iPhone X with triple camera

Apple is very interested in the augmented reality . Proof of this is the native support offered in iOS 11 through ARKit . However, this would only be the tip of the iceberg. And is that the next iPhone, predictably the iPhone X of 2018 , will be the perfect tool of the firm to offer the user all the potential of this technology, as well as a reason for purchase.

The news that would come with the iPhone X triple camera

As is clear from the information brought to light by Jialin Lu, an analyst at Deutsche Securities, Apple was studying introducing a 3D recognition system through laser sensors . However, the irruption of the triple camera it seems to be positioned as a more efficient alternative from the energy point of view.

And is that the triple camera, thanks to the difference in focal length and angle of focus would serve the firm to introduce a three-dimensional detection system that allows enhancing augmented reality with sufficient precision and could have a design similar to that offered by conceptual images that have recently appeared in the web.

3x zoom without loss of quality

While the triple camera of the iPhone X of 2018 can become a cornerstone for Apple’s augmented reality, it will also bring novelties in the field of Photography . And, as Huawei did, a third camera with a longer focal length will serve to improve optical zoom . If the iPhone 7 Plus , iPhone 8 Plus Y iPhone X they currently offer a 2x zoom without loss , the iPhone X of 2018 will reach the three increases . The news that would come with the iPhone X triple camera

The news that would come with the iPhone X triple camera

Now it remains to be seen if Apple makes the triple camera a reason for differentiation between their iPhones. And is that, open the possibility of the three cameras, we wonder if it will be a Exclusive feature of the iPhone X Plus , predictably Apple’s newest and most expensive model for the last stretch of this year. After all, those with the bitten apple have already done so on previous occasions, during the last two years.