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The New York Police Department immediately interrupts the use of body cameras after an explosion

The police department in New York has interrupted the use of thousands of body cameras after a device exploded over…

The police department in New York has interrupted the use of thousands of body cameras after a device exploded over the weekend.

The department said officers would immediately stop using the Vievu model LE-5 bodily cameras from “an abundance of caution.”

After downloading a body camera for deployment on Saturday, an officer on midnight patrol noted smoke to come from the bottom portal and immediately removed it. Immediately after the officer surely took away his companion, the device exploded.

It turned out that the camera turns off after the battery is lit. The department is currently investigating the cause of the error. The officer did not hold any damage after the explosion.

“Nothing is more important than our officers safety, and the equipment of NYPD with the best equipment is top priority,” Deputy Commissioner for Public Information James P. O & # 39; Neil said in a statement.

“All officers assigned to LE-5 cameras were instructed to remove the cameras and take them back directly to their commands. The department is collecting and removing the LE-5 cameras from the commands now,” added O & # 39 ; Neil.

“This question does not apply or in any way affect members who are equipped with Vievu model LE-4 body worn cameras and members of the service equipped with LE-4 cameras continue to use them according to the Patrol Guide.”

NYPD officers patrol an area where activists participated in March against Sharia at Foley Square on June 10, 2017, in New York City. NYPD has discontinued the use of nearly 3,000 body cameras after one of the units exploded. Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images)

There were nearly 3000 LE-5 cameras used for recall, with NYPD with more than 12,000 other models of body-worn cameras , according to WABC.

“We are working closely with NYPD to investigate this issue,” said Vievus’s parent company Axon in a statement. “The officer was not injured. It is of utmost importance to Axon. We will do what is necessary to resolve this situation quickly and safely.”

In January, NYPD announced plans to equip all police and detectives on patrol with body-drawn cameras by the end of 2018-one year before its original deadline.

“Body cameras have helped manage a new day in police work, strengthen transparency and increase responsibility. Now we accelerate their expansion, Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.” By ensuring that all patrol teachers are equipped with these key modern police tools one year faster than originally planned, we help to make New York City fairer faster and increase trust between police and communities. “

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