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The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

The Xiaomi Mi 8 is here . It was in April 2010 when a group of executives led by Lei Jun, decided to found a company dedicated to consumer electronics, which sought to change the rules of the game in the field of telephony. Eight years later, the brand is already among the most mobile phones in the world , and it does not look like that is going to change.

Especially if they keep throwing phones like the new Mi 8 , a smartphone that arrives to put on the ropes the best terminals of 2018, based on titanic specifications wrapped in an appearance … familiar.

Xiaomi Mi 8, all the information

On the occasion of its eighth anniversary, the Beijing-based giant has decided to skip the number 7 and make the Xiaomi Mi 8 the commemorative model of this special birthday . But is the Mi 8 worthy of the importance assigned to it? I’m afraid we’ll have to check it while we see each and every one of its details.

An apple-scented design

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

A 2018 smartphone that looks like the iPhone X, surprise! It is evident that the Chinese firm has been inspired by the latest Cupertino model when it comes to designing its latest flagship phone. But at this point of the year, when the clones flood the Android landscape, this should not surprise almost anyone.

In the Mi 8 we find a Aluminum chassis, which surrounds and serves as a junction for the front and rear glass panels . At his back, we finally found a fingerprint reader, along with the double camera and the screenprint of the brand. Meanwhile, its front only leaves room for a huge panel that we will talk about later, with a notch on the top that houses the facial recognition system, and a “chin” somewhat more accentuated than in the model of the bitten apple.

The detail that Xiaomi does not dare to adopt at the moment is the resistance to water. Probably, the terminal is able to withstand splashing and use under a moderate rain, but the lack of IP certificate does not ensure protection against liquids.

Large screen with ‘notch’

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

With 6.2 inches of diagonal, the Xiaomi Mi 8 is the smartphone of the saga Mi with the largest screen in history. But do not leave even if you are a lover of compact phones; Thanks to the narrow edges that surround its screen, there are hardly any differences in real size with respect to previous generations.

Regarding the technology of the panel, it is a AMOLED with Full HD + resolution , that due to its ratio Aspect ratio of 18.7: 9 translates to a pixel count of 2,248 x 1,080.

Snapdragon 845 as brain and the best GPS seen on a mobile

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

It could not miss the best chip created so far by the Californian Qualcomm. He Snapdragon 845 is the engine that gives life to this Chinese beast , with its eight cores running at a maximum frequency of 2.8 GHz. Next to it, 6 GB of LPDDR4x RAM, and a 64 or 128 GB flash memory module. Of battery is also not scarce, with 3,300 mAh capacity and Quick Charge 4+ fast charge compatibility.

However, where Xiaomi has stopped most at the time of the presentation, it has been at the time of talking about the capabilities of geolocation of the telephone. The Mi 8 is the first smartphone to have dual frequency GPS . It is a Broadcom BCM47755 chip, which aims to improve the accuracy of the device and reduce the margin of error to only 30 centimeters, instead of the 5 meters that a conventional GPS chip can have.

MIUI 10 marks the beginning of a new era

Another of the great launches of this annual event held in Shenzhen, has been that of MIUI 10 . The Chinese firm took the opportunity to announce the new edition of its mobile operating system based on Android, with a renewed interface, which mixes Android P and iOS 11 components , and different artificial intelligence systems that promise to improve the user experience.

The change in which Xiaomi has most stopped is the inclusion of an own virtual assistant which, as expected, will only be available in the Chinese variant of the terminal. The rest of users will have to settle-luckily-with the Google Assistant

Double smart camera

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

The new Xiaomi Mi 8 is official: all features and prices

WithStanding at the top of the phone scene in terms of photography is concerned, Xiaomi needed to hit the table with this new flagship. And so it has been. The Mi 8 has a dual system on its back very similar to the Mi MIX 2S, with two 12 megapixel cameras each . Even so, the improvements carried out by the company drive the device to achieve a score of 105 points in the controversial DXOMark ranking.

The first sensor is a conventional f / 1.8, while the secondary is a tele f / 2.4 capable of optical zoom up to two magnifications. In addition, both rely on a dual LED flash, focus by phase detection and four-axis OIS.

The brand has not hesitated for a moment to include different artificial intelligence systems, which take advantage of the computational power of the Snapdragon 845, and which consist of the automatic scene detection to obtain optimal catches in any situation. We’re not going to miss portrait mode either , which on this occasion combines the capabilities of both sensors with artificial intelligence systems, in order to offer different effects with different results through the system known as dynamic bokeh.

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