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The New Jersey couple on their way to the wedding were killed in a chain reaction crash

Kathryn Schurtz and her fiancé Joseph Kearny were killed on Wednesday in a crash on Interstate 78. They drove to…

A New Jersey couple who drove to their wedding in Pennsylvania died after a tractor trailer hit their vehicle Wednesday.

Kathryn Schurtz, 35, Fanwood, and her fiancé, Joseph Kearney, were killed after the accident on Interstate 78 in Berks County, Pa., According to Schurtz’s death sentence. The two were led to their wedding, which was to be held in Pittsburgh.

The accident left the couple dead and three others injured after a tractor trailer driver could not slow the vehicle for traffic. The tractor car broke into the couple’s car and caused a chain reaction crash that ultimately involved four other trailers in addition to the couple’s vehicles, reported.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the accident caused a fire that burned two of the tractor trolleys and the vehicle of the couple. The traffic was reportedly backward in the interstate for 1

2 hours.


Schurtz, according to a Facebook page for the city of Fanwood, was the daughter of a former city council. She lived in Jersey City and worked for Oracle in New York City.

“She will remember for her awesome appetite for reading, love for cooking and trailblazing new adventure with Joseph,” read her death sentence. A funeral for Schurtz will be held Tuesday in Scotch Plains, N.J.

Additional information about Kearney was not available immediately.

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